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AmeriCorps Educational Awards

To request your AmeriCorps Educational Award to apply to your educational expenses at Central Washington University, log into your My AmeriCorps to request funds.  

If you want to use your AmeriCorps Educational Award to pay toward a Perkins Loan that you borrowed while attending CWU, you may request funds to be sent to Central Washington University.  For Federal Direct Stafford Loans, contact the US Department of Education to arrange repayment of your loan with AmeriCorps funds.  

You may use your AmeriCorps Educational Award to pay a past due balance for a prior term at CWU, provided that your AmeriCorps service began before the term for which your debt was incurred.

A parent or grandparent can transfer their educational credit to you, provided that their service began after October 1, 2009.  The person transferring the credit to you must have been at least 55 years of age before beginning the term of service.

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