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2012-13 Merit Tuition Awards

Merit Tuition Awards are offered to incoming students. Eligibility is based on a prospective student's admissions application.

To be considered for a Merit Tuition Award, you must:

  • Be admitted to CWU by February 1st
  • Complete the FAFSA — You do not have to demonstrate financial need

Eligible students who apply after February 1st will be considered for merit awards as funds remain available.

Merit Tuition Awards are offered for the first year of attendance only — they are not renewable. You must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA or better for each term while receiving a Merit Tuition award. If you fail to maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA, your award will be canceled for that academic term.

Merit Tuition Awards apply to tuition only — they cannot be used for housing, fees, other charges, or study abroad.

2012-2013 Merit Tuition Award Amounts

  • President's Tuition Award:  $2,700
  • Trustees' Tuition Award:  $1,800
  • Freshmen or Transfer Tuition Award: $1,050

For Incoming Freshman, refer to the table below to estimate your Merit Tuition Award amount: (Please note that the SAT score is your Math & Verbal Composite Score and should NOT include your Writing Score.)

Early Scholar Award Program

First-time freshmen with CWU enrollment prior to high school graduation through CWU Cornerstone, CWU College in the High School, or Running Start at CWU will be given a $500 tuition award, provided they have earned a 3.00 cumulative GPA or higher in their CWU courses.


The Douglas Honors College Tuition Awards

First-time freshmen that participate in the Douglas Honors College will receive a $1,050 tuition award.  For more information, visit the Douglas Honors College webpage.

Science Talent Expansion Program

First-time freshmen that participate in the STEP program will receive a $1,050 tuition award.  For more information, visit the STEP webpage.

All-Washington Academic Team Students

Any student who is part of Phi Theta Kappa's All-Washington Academic Team will receive a tuition award if they are enrolled full-time at CWU. 

If you have not been offered the Transfer Tuition Award as part of your financial aid package, you must contact the Scholarship Office and inform us that you are a member of the All-Washington Academic Team and you intend to enroll at Central. We will verify your membership and add the tuition award to your financial aid package. If you have been awarded the Transfer Tuition Award of $1,050 as part of your financial aid package, you will not be offered an additional amount based on your All-Washington Academic Team status.

This award is for one year only; it is not renewable for subsequent years at Central.