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Staff and Faculty

Chelsea Braun Running Start Advisor 509-963-3690 or 425-392-2110
Elyane Harney Site Director 509-963-3690 or 425-392-2110
Shawn Lowney Director of Community and Corporate Relations 509-963-3628 or 425-392-2110
John Streepy Office Assistant III 509-963-3690 or 425-392-2110
Mirva Sibakov Office Assistant III 509-963-3690 or 425-392-2110
Faculty 2019 - 2020
Shelly Astle American Politics, International Relations

Drew Baddeley History of Jazz, History of Rock and Roll

David Behrens Human Physiology, Oceans and Atmosphere

Barbara Bartosik


Feray Aktas

Calculus I, Calculus II, Mathematics in the Modern World
Julie Aldcroft Criminology, Social Problems

Lindsay Syson Essentials for Healthy Living, Conditioning Exercises, Frisbee, Basketball
Lets Move It, Move It
Colin Hester

Academic Writing I, Academic Writing II, The Literary Imagination: an Introduction to Literature
Chang Hwang American Sign Language

Nelson LaPlante Pre-Calculus Mathematics I & II, Economic Issues, Principles of Economics Micro

Jessica Pribula Beginning Yoga

Linda Raymond Introduction to Human Communication, General Psychology
Clare Jenkins Introductory Physics I with Laboratory
Adrienne Sorenson Earth as an Ecosystem, Introduction to Geology, Natural Hazards
Isabelle Miller Being Human: Past and Present
Sarah Samblanet Social Construction of Race
John Rinear Bones, Apes, and Genes: Exploring Biological Anthropology
Monica Bowen Art Appreciation
John Streepy

United States History to 1865,
United States History Since 1865


* Please note, the Faculty list will be updated as needed.



120 228th Ave NE

Sammamish, WA 98074
Phone: 509-963-3690 or 425-392-2110

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