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Book and Testing Fee Resources

Running Start students are required to pay for placement testing fees and textbooks. However, the university can waive testing fees and assist students with textbooks if they qualify for the Running Start Testing Fee Waiver and Book Loan Program.

  • Eligibility

    Running Start students must meet one of the following criteria to qualify:

    • Family receives public assistance (SSI, TANF, Basic Food/QUEST, Washington State medical coupons, etc.)
    • Student is eligible to receive free or reduced lunch at their school district, or has been eligible within the last five years
    • Student is a foster youth
    • Student's primary caregiver is currently receiving unemployment

    Students in other circumstances may also be eligible. Any student who is unable to pay for testing fees or textbooks are encouraged to apply. Students who do not meet the above criteria may submit a statement, with documentation, explaining their circumstances. This will be reviewed by the Running Start office.

  • Application Instructions

    Complete the application and submit it with either supporting documentation (school district free reduced lunch letter approval, copy of QUEST card, etc.) or a signature of a verifying official (school counselor, agency oficial, etc) to the Running Start office.

    The Running Start office will review your application and notify you of your status via your CWU student email account. Please activate your student email account prior to submitting your application.

    Running Start Testing Fee Waiver & Book Loan Application (fillable PDF document)

  • Testing Fee Waiver Instructions

    Students approved for a testing fee waiver will receive a voucher to present to Testing Services and instructions for scheduling their placement exam at their CWU student email account. Please wait until you receive this email before scheduling your placement exam. If you pay for the exam prior to receiving the testing voucher, your payment will not be refunded.

  • Book Loan Program

    Eligible students will be notified of which books the Running Start office will be loaning to them each quarter. Books are loaned for the quarter and must be returned by the last day of instruction for the quarter they were issued. Failure to return borrowed books on time can result in being removed from the book loan program. Students must maintain a quarterly GPA of 3.0 or higher to remain eligible for the book loan program.

    Please note that while the Running Start office will try to provide eligible students with all of the textbooks they need each quarter, this is not always possible. The Running Start office is unable to pay for rental only and inclusive access (online) textbooks. The Running Start office is also unable to pay for other course materials and books that cannot be reused. Students should plan to pay for at least a portion of their textbooks.