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Homeschool Applicants

CWU encourages homeschool students to apply to the Running Start program. In order to access the Running Start program students must be enrolled through a public school district. Homeschool students should contact their local school district to file a declaration of intent to homeschool form and notify them of their intent to participate in Running Start. Keep in mind that junior or senior standing is determined in accordance with the school district’s grade placement policies.

Homeschool students applying to the Running Start program will need to submit a transcript detailing their homeschool coursework and appropriate placement test scores with their application. Homeschool students will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Students receiving home-based instruction are not required to meet student learning goals, obtain a certificate achievement or a certificate of individual achievement to graduate from high school, or to master the essential academic learning requirements. However, homeschool students and their parents should keep in mind that universities will require incoming freshmen to meet College Academic Distribution Requirements (CADR). CADR refers to college admission criteria established by the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC). Homeschool students and their parents should keep the following minimum CADR requirements in mind when selecting coursework:

  • English: 4 credits (including 3 credits of literature and composition)
  • Math: 3 credits (including algebra I, algebra II and geometry)
  • Senior year Math-Based Quantitative Course: 1 credit. (Acceptable courses include algebra I, algebra II, geometry, pre-calculus and above, math analysis, statistics, applied math, appropriate career and technical courses, or an algebra-based science course such as chemistry or physics. If you take and pass pre-calculus, math analysis or calculus prior to your senior year, you're exempt from this requirement.)
  • Social Science: 3 credits
  • Lab Science: 2 credits (one credit required in an algebra based lab science)
  • World Language: 2 credits of the same world language, Native American language or American Sign Language
  • 1 credit of fine, visual, or performing arts, or electives from any of the other required CADR areas.

If you are considering applying to Central Washington University after completing the Running Start program, please see the admissions page with information for homeschool students.