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CWUP 2-10-150 Student and Employee Travel

(1) Regularized Approval Process for University-Endorsed or -Supported Student Travel - In accordance with the office of financial management SAAM regulation 10.10.05, the university requires students who engage in university-endorsed or -supported travel-either domestic or international-to comply with state travel guidelines through a regularized process. Students whose travel occurs under the auspices of OISP shall continue to use that office's approval process.

For both domestic and international travel, students shall complete and submit a travel authorization form, prior to the initiation of travel, for approval by the appropriate budget authority, as a condition of receiving university endorsement or support. Students engaging in university-endorsed or -supported international travel also must submit a detailed itinerary, and the travel authorization form shall be reviewed by the office of international studies and programs and signed by the president.

Students traveling under the auspices of student club funding are exempted from this policy unless university endorsement or support are sought for any part of the travel.

(2) Required Review of All Students' or Employees' University-Endorsed or -Supported International Travel - All employees and students wishing to engage in university-supported or -endorsed international travel shall submit a detailed itinerary and shall have prior review from the office of international studies and programs. They must also receive approval from the president, in accordance with the provisions of Section 10.10.50.b, of the state administrative and accounting manual (SAAM Manual). Employees' university-endorsed or -supported international travel will be reported to the university's foreign liability insurance company, and the sponsoring department will pay the foreign liability premium. Both students and employees will have the opportunity to purchase supplemental insurance coverage, but only employees are required to do so.

Those wishing to travel internationally under the auspices of the university must contact the office of international studies and programs to:

1. Receive a packet of information about international travel;
2. Sign an agreement that outlines policies, guidelines, and conditions of participation, including a hold harmless statement;
3. (For students) Either purchase or sign a waiver of informed decision not to purchase supplemental insurance coverage; and
4. (For employees) Purchase supplemental insurance coverage.

The office of international studies and programs will then indicate, on the travel authorization form, either that they know no reason why the trip should not go forward as planned or express reservations about the trip and forward the form to the president for consideration. Only after the president's signature has been obtained on the form shall university-supported or -endorsed travel be initiated.

(3) Accompanied Student Travel - Student travel should be accompanied by a university representative in the following circumstances:

1. When undergraduates participate in university-sponsored trips to isolated domestic areas (such as field work in remote areas) or to international areas, such travel will be accompanied.

2. When graduate students participate in university-sponsored trips to isolated domestic areas (such as field work in remote areas), such travel will be accompanied or the faculty or staff member planning or overseeing the trip will develop a plan to ensure regular communication and tracking. Such plan will require approval by the dean or other relevant appointing authority.

(4) Maintaining Records of Travel - For use in emergency situations and for insurance purposes, the university shall maintain records of all university- endorsed or -supported travel including the name of the traveler, the locations that will be visited, and the dates of travel. []

[Responsibility: CFO/BFA; Authority: Cabinet/UPAC; Reviewed/Endorsed by: Cabinet/UPAC; Review/Effective Date: PAC 10/01/2008; Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]

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