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CWUP 2-10-030 Communication and Identity Plan

The university has established a communication and identity plan, which includes a broad range of marketing strategies, including, but not limited to earned media, advertising, direct mail, digital communications, and face-to-face communication. In order to support this initiative the university has developed a suite of trademarked graphics and brand identity standards. The purpose of the communication and identity plan is to enhance investment in the university by ensuring the consistent, compelling and professional presentation of CWU to all audiences, internal and external.

All official university communications shall comply with the brand identity standards, regardless of media platform: audio, video, print, digital, face-to-face, or other.

The executive director of public affairs has oversight responsibility for the CWU brand identity standards and communications strategies. Requests for assistance, approval, and exceptions must be submitted for consideration to the department of public affairs.

[PAC: 03/09 Responsibility: President’s Office; Authority: Cabinet/UPAC; Reviewed/Endorsed by: Cabinet/UPAC; Review/Effective Date: 05/01/2013; Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]

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