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CWUR 7-30-110 Key Issuance

(1) Authority: CWU Policy 2-50-070, Keys. This procedure applies to all hard key and electronic access to buildings owned and/or leased by CWU.

(2) Authorization and Issuance of Keys

Keys or electronic access are issued to those having a clearly defined need as determined by the authorizing agent. Authorizing agents include department chairs, administrative heads and/or division heads in their respective areas of operation. Keys will be issued at the Lock Shop upon presentation of identification and a completed "Key Authorization Card.”

(A) Student and Non-Resident Access:  University Housing and New Student Programs (UH&NSP) may issue keys and/or electronic access to students living in a residence hall or apartment complex. Non-resident access will only be issued by the Lock Shop.

(B) All Keys: Issuance of keys is limited to staff and students with a clearly defined need as determined by the authorizing agent. The Lock Shop is responsible for monitoring key issuance and to report concerns to the facilities manager. Keys may be issued to a Department if kept in a secure location and monitored with a check out log.

(C) Building Master Keys: Issuance of building master keys is restricted to those having a clearly defined need and must be authorized by the vice president and/or dean for their respective areas of operation. Only three master keys will be issued per building.

(D) Contractor and Vendor Authorization:  Keys may be issued to contractors and vendors upon presentation of identification and the appropriate authorization card. In the event that such keys or access cards are lost or not returned, contractors, vendors and agents, or their companies, are liable for the cost of any rekeying that must be done to restore security. 

(3) Return of Keys

Employment Termination / Department Transfer: Individuals terminating employment and/or enrollment with the university, or who transfer to another department on campus, are required to return their keys to the Lock Shop.

(4) Irretrievable Keys

(A)  Charges: The loss or disappearance of keys must be reported to the Lock Shop and the issuing department immediately. A key holder and/or their department may be charged $35 per key when the keys are reported lost, stolen or irretrievable. The charge and hold will be removed if the keys are returned and locks have not been changed. The charge for irretrievable keys at or above the department master level will be assessed at the actual cost to rekey.

(B) Appeal: If keys are deemed irretrievable, a locksmith will assess whether the lock should be rekeyed and a report will be sent to the issuing department stating any security concerns. If the authorizing agent’s assessment differs from that of the locksmith, a written request stating the proposed solution and justification may be appealed to the vice president for operations.

(5) Transferring of Keys
Transferring or loaning of University keys between individuals is prohibited. Individuals who transfer/ loan their keys will be held responsible should they be improperly used or lost.

[Responsibility: Operations; Authority: Vice President for Operations; last review: 6/2/2010; Reviewed/Endorsed by: 02/01/2017; Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]

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