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CWUR 3-45-040 Student with Disabilities to Request Disability Accommodations

These procedures are governed by the Policy on Reasonable Accommodation of Students with Disabilities. See CWUP 2-35-040(2).

(1) Student Instructions

(A) Accommodation request: Students must notify the center for Disability Services (DS) that he/she is a student with a disability and request an accommodation.

(B) Submit documentation: Students must provide DS with documentation from a professional or medical expert.

1. Documentation must identify the disability involved and the functional limitations of the disability that relates to the educational environment and necessitates
2. Documentation may include recommendations or guidance for specific accommodations to negate specific functional limitations but DS will make the final determination for accommodations.

(C) Interactive Process and Intake Meeting: Students will participate in an Interactive Process and Intake meeting with a DS staff member. Both are required prior to receiving accommodation.

(D) Student Profile Created: DS will generate a student profile that will include students’ academic adjustment and auxiliary aids plan.

(E) Quarterly Classroom Academic Adjustment Request: Each quarter students will submit a classroom academic adjustment request(s) to faculty via the DS online process.

1. Students must submit their academic adjustment request(s) for each class in which they wish to receive accommodation, preferably during the first week of class.
2. Faculty are not required to provide academic adjustments until the student
submits their request through the DS online process. Academic adjustments are no retroactive.
3. Student must follow up each quarterly request with communication to the course
faculty member to discuss the specifics of how each academic adjustment will work in the course.

(2) Other Procedures Instructions

(A) DS has specific procedures for accessing services such as taped texts and alternative testing. Students are expected to know and follow departmental policy and procedures for services provided directly by DS.

(B) If a student has problems in receiving accommodations and cannot resolve them directly with the individual faculty or staff member, the student is encouraged to report the problems immediately to DS.

(C) Informal and formal complaints of discrimination based on disability may be filed per CWUP 2-35-070 Discrimination Complaint and Resolution Policy.

(3) Faculty Instructions. Faculty will:

(A) Refer students who do not submit a quarterly academic adjustment request, but are requesting services, to DS for information and assistance.

(B) Work with and facilitate classroom adjustment with students who submit an academic adjustment request(s) from DS. Faculty members have no obligation to provide academic adjustments until they receive a request.

(C) Contact for any questions, directions or assistance in the facilitation of implementing academic adjustments.

[Responsibility: CFO/BFA; Authority: Cabinet/UPAC; Reviewed/Endorsed by: Cabinet/UPAC; Review/Effective Date: 06/06/2012; Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]

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