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CWUR 3-40-180 Uniform Service Shared Leave Pool (USSLP)

(1) Applies to – Civil Service and Exempt employees who are eligible to receive shared leave from the USSLP and employees who wish to donate leave to the USSLP.

(2) Administrative Responsibility

(A) Employees shall:
1. Be eligible to receive shared leave from the USSLP when the employee’s monthly military salary is less than the employee’s state monthly salary (as defined in WAC 357-31-650). However, eight hours or more per month may be used from the pool, for the purpose of continuing medical benefits regardless of the employee’s state and military leave.
a. Shared leave received from the Uniformed Service Shared Leave Pool is not included in the 522 days limit specified in RCW 41.04.665.
2. Apply for USSLP by using the USSLP-Recipient Form and respond to or attach information as required on the form located on the Human Resources (HR) webpage.
3. Report to the Washington Military Department any change to their military status or orders of state monthly salary which could affect the amount of the USSLP they are eligible to receive.
4. Submit appropriate absence request(s) to use any donated leave.
5. Donate leave using USSLP-Leave Donation Form located on the HR webpage.
a. An employee who is eligible to donate leave under WAC 357-31-685 may donate leave to the USSLP.
b. Employees may not donate excess annual leave that the donor would not be able to take due to an approaching anniversary date.
6. Leave donated to the USSLP is withdrawn from the pool by employees according to procedures established by the Washington Military Department. Employees who wish to donate their leave to a specific employee should consider donating leave under the CWU Shared Leave Program or contact HR/Payroll for more information.

(B) Supervisors and Managers shall:
1. CWU supervisors and managers, in consultation with human resources, shall investigate any alleged abuse of the USSLP.

(C) HR shall:
1. Provide donor and recipient forms for employee use.
2. Provide guidance and consultation to employees, supervisors and managers who have questions regarding USSLP.
3. Review and approve donations/requests for leave from USSLP ensuring compliance with applicable WACs, RCWs, university policy, collective bargaining agreements, and the Exempt Employees’ Code.
4. Provide written notification of the approval to receive USSLP to the employee and their supervisor which includes:
a. The date the employee was eligible to receive USSLP.
b. The amount of shared leave the employee is eligible to use each month.
c. Informing the employee of their duty to update the Washington Military Department of any changes to their military salary, orders, or state monthly salary which could affect the amount of the USSLP they are eligible to receive.
5. Calculate the amount of donated leave required to maintain and pay for benefits.

(D) Payroll Services shall:
1. Document receipt of payment utilizing the USSLP Accounting Practices.
2. Convert employee’s leave to dollars and forward payment to the USSLP following the USSLP Accounting Procedures.
3. Update the recipient employee’s leave balances in the Time and Attendance system. .
4. Deduct leave from donating employee’s leave balance(s) in Time and Attendance system.
5. Monitor the use of donated leave to ensure compliance with maximum allowable salary.
6. Monitor leave available to employee and use locally donated shared leave prior to leave from USSLP.
7. At the completion of the recipient’s military service, notify the Washington Military Department that the employee has returned to their state position and return any unused leave to the USSLP utilizing the USSLP Accounting Procedures.

CWUP 2-30-270 Uniform Service Shared Leave Pool Procedure

[Responsibility: BFA; Authority: RCW 41.04, RCW 43.79, WAC 357-31-640 through 357-31-725 CWU Administrative CWUP 2-30-270; Reviewed/Endorsed by: PAC; Review/Effective Date: 02/01/2017 03/30/2012; 01/02/2008; Approved by: James Gaudino, President]

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