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CWUR 3-40-120 Probationary / Trial Service

Applies to non-represented classified employees. To the extent that this procedure addresses terms not covered under collective bargaining agreements for represented employees, the terms of this procedure shall prevail.

(1) Administrative responsibility 

(A) Managers and supervisors shall:

1. Ensure that the probationary/trial service periods of employees under their supervision are in accordance with this procedure, the policy and the Washington Administrative Code (WAC).

2. Ensure that all exceptions to this procedure are approved through appropriate channels.

3. Communicate the concepts and expectations of the probationary or trial service period and the resulting consequences if the probationary or trial service period is unsuccessful.

4. Provide each employee guidance, information, training, and assignments to provide an opportunity for successful performance.

5. Meet with the new employee to communicate job responsibilities, practices, standards, and procedures.

6. Formally evaluate the employee’s progress and overall job performance during the probationary or trial service period.

7. Determine if the employee will be granted permanent status in a position.

8. Consult with human resources regarding this procedure.

(B) Human resources shall:

1. Develop and recommend policy for probationary and trial service appointments.

2. Administer this procedure in conjunction with the WAC and the policy.

3. Develop procedures for the implementation of probationary and trial service practices.

4. Provide interpretation and consultation to managers and supervisors regarding this procedure, the policy and the WAC.

5. Provide recommendations to the appropriate appointing authority regarding exceptions to this procedure in accordance with the WAC and university procedures.

(C) Employees shall:

1. Demonstrate their ability to perform the job for which they were hired.

(2) Definitions

(A) Probationary period: The initial period of employment following certification and appointment, or reemployment, in classified service.

(B) Trial service period: The initial period of employment for a permanent employee following promotion, transfer, voluntary demotion, elevation, or reversion. For the purpose of this procedure, a trial service period shall also include the transition review period following acceptance of an appointment in lieu of layoff or an appointment from a layoff list.

[Responsibility: BFA; Authority: Chapter 357-19 of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC), Appointment and Reemployment, CWUP 2-30-190; Reviewed/Endorsed by: PAC (3/16/2005); Review/Effective Date: 07/01/2005; 07/01/2008; 03/30/2012; 10/10/18 (reviewed); Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]

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