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CWUR 3-40-080 Monitoring Temporary Hourly Employment

Applies to - All temporary/hourly appointments for positions that perform work that would otherwise be performed by represented or non-represented employees.


The following procedure is used to monitor and control the use of temporary employment in accordance with WAC 357-19-440.

Administrative Responsibility

Hiring Department shall:

  • Ensure that all the required paperwork is completed and submitted to the human resources department before the date of employment.
    Monitor employees’ hours so that the hours worked are in line with the hours, WAC and institutional rules.
    Notify the human resources department of any changes in employment status of temporary employees.

Human Resources shall:

  • Monitor all temporary appointments to ensure compliance with WACs and institutional procedures regarding temporary employment. This includes:
  • Reviewing all required paperwork for accuracy and completeness
  • Monitoring hourly reports to determine compliance with work/appointment status as outlined on the Temporary Appointment Form (TAF)
  • Consult with departments when problems occur and/or before the employee becomes eligible for benefits

Temporary Appointments Defined (WAC 357-19-435 )

A. Persons employed to work one thousand fifty hours (1,050) or less in any twelve consecutive month period from the original date of hire or October 1, 1989, whichever is later. (Definition applies to represented and non-represented work.)

B. Persons to whom the duties and responsibilities of a higher-level class have been assigned for a period of less than six consecutive months. (Definition applies to non-represented work only.)

Note: Temporary employment defined under WAC 357-19-435 (2), formal assignment of the duties and responsibilities of a higher level class for a period of less than six consecutive months, is not monitored under this procedure.

Employment Notification of Condition of Employment

In accordance with WAC 357-19-444, all temporary employees are notified in writing of the conditions of their employment prior to the commencement of each appointment and/or upon any subsequent change in the conditions of their employment. The Temporary Appointment Form (TAF) contains the following information:

 -  Employee name -  Rate of pay
 -  Job title/description of duties -  Hours of work
 -  Eligibility for benefits -  Right to request remedial action
 -  Date of Hire 
 -  Duration of employment 


Temporary Appointment Records

In accordance with WAC 357-19-445, temporary appointment records are maintained in the human resources department. A semi-monthly report is generated which shows cumulative hours worked for each temporary employee. Human resources reviews the report to monitor compliance with WACs and all applicable regulations.

Remedial Action

If the employee has not taken part in any willful failure to comply with these rules, temporary appointments may be subject to remedial action in accordance with WAC, if the number of hours worked exceeds one thousand fifty hours in any twelve consecutive month period from the date of hire or October 1, 1989, whichever is later, exclusive of overtime or work time defined as student employment. Requests for remedial action must be submitted to the Director of the Department of Personnel. Such requests must be received in that office no later than 30 days of the date that the employee knew, or should have known, of the alleged violation.

[Responsibility: BFA; Authority: Chapter 357-19 of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC), Recruitment, Assessment and Certification and applicable Collective Bargaining Agreements; Reviewed/Endorsed by: PAC (3/16/2005); Review/Effective Date: 07/01/2005; 07/01/2008; 03/30/2012; Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]

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