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CWUR 3-40-050 Faculty and Exempt Staff Retention

Applies to - All university staff. To the extent that this procedure addresses terms not covered under collective bargaining agreements for represented employees, the terms of this procedure shall prevail.

Based on the information provided by the faculty or exempt staff member regarding external employment options, the department may initiate a recommendation for retention pay. The department recommending retention must verify the on-site interviews and/or offer and provide a concise written justification, along with a copy of the offer letter (if one was provided to the employee), to the appointing authority. If the recommendation is based on a bona fide offer of employment and includes a proposed new salary level for the individual, the proposed new salary may be at, below or above the external offer,

The appointing authority will review the recommendation in light of budget constraints, salary compression issues, and any other ramifications the action might have on the unit, division, and the university as a whole. The appointing authority may 1) recommend approval as originally requested, 2) recommend approval with a modification of the amount, or 3) disapprove the request. If the appointing authority recommends approval, either as originally requested or in a modified fashion, the increased salary recommendation must be forwarded to the appropriate vice president or president for action. If the increased salary recommendation is not approved, it must be returned to the originating department with a full explanation.

The appropriate vice president or president will approve the request as recommended, deny the request, or approve a modified amount. If approved, the vice president or president will return it through the line for action. The decision may be made at the vice presidential level and does not require review by the president unless the request comes from the president’s office.

Any offers accepted by individuals which modify their current appointments must be confirmed in writing via a new appointment letter signed by the appointing authority and accepted by the individual. Due to the nature of a “counter-offer” and the fact that the staff may only have 24 to 48 hours in which to respond to the prospective employer, discussions between the department, appointing authority, and VP or president may be verbal and/or via email. However, no later than the time of approval, a recommendation and approval letter along with any other documentation must be provided to Human Resources or Faculty Relations along with the Personnel Action Form (PAF.)

[Responsibility: BFA; Authority: Chapter 28B.35.120 (12) of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), Faculty and Exempt Staff Retention, CWUP 2-30-090; Reviewed/Endorsed by: PAC (Policy and Procedure Separated 1/16/08); Review/Effective Date: 03/06/2008; 03/30/2012; Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]

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