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CWUR 3-40-045 Time and Attendance Reporting Procedure


This procedure applies to all University administrative exempt, classified, hourly and student employees and provides guidance for the recording and certification of time worked, leave use, and/or exception leave reporting.  

Administrative Responsibility

Appointing authorities, department heads, managers and supervisors:
- Ensure that time and leave electronically entered and certified by staff under their supervision is in accordance with  University policies, collective bargaining agreements, and defined Payroll Procedures.
- Communicate and enforce defined time reporting requirements, i.e. daily, weekly, etc., and ensure all time is reported no later than the end of the pay period.
- Consult with Payroll regarding time reporting policy and procedures.
- Verify the accuracy of time submitted by employees prior to approval and submission for payment as per the Payroll Schedule available on-line at
-  Submit electronically time for employees unable to access the system due to injury, absence or other issues.


- Administer this procedure in accordance with applicable federal and state laws, WACs, the time reporting policy and collective bargaining agreements.
- Develop and provide training on the use of the Time and Labor module through the HR professional development unit.
- Provide consultation and guidance to managers and employees regarding the time reporting policy and this procedure.


Overtime eligible classified employees will submit time via electronic timesheet in the Time and Labor component of HRIS.  Time will normally be entered no later than the last day of the pay period or as defined by their Manager and/or employing department, such as daily or weekly.

Student and Hourly employees will submit time worked, per shift, via the Time and Labor component of HRIS.

Exempt employees will submit exception time (approved leave) via electronic timesheet in the Time and Labor component of HRIS following the frequency defined by their Manager and/or employing department and no later than the last day of the pay period.

Managers must approve and submit employee electronic timesheets for payment by the 16th and 1st of each month. Consult the current Payroll Schedule for official deadlines,

In the event a time sheet is not submitted for classified, hourly or student employees, payroll will base their pay on the defined schedule in the system.  Supervisors will work with Payroll Services to identify and correct pay issues such as time omissions, overpayments, underpayments and requests for off-cycle checks.

[PAC: 06/04/2014; Responsibility: BFA; Authority: Cabinet/UPAC; Reviewed/Endorsed by: Cabinet/UPAC; Review/Effective Date: 10/07/15; 06/04/2014; Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President.]

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