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CWUR 3-40-035 Education Benefits for CWU Staff Dependents & Retired Staff

Applies to - All eligible CWU staff dependents and distinguished retirees or faculty emeritus. To the extent that this procedure addresses terms not covered under collective bargaining agreements for represented employee’s dependents, the terms of this procedure shall prevail.

(1) Eligibility Procedure

Staff dependents, as outlined below, are eligible if the staff member has an appointment to a half-time or more, permanent position including faculty who are hired on a yearly basis.

(A) Eligible staff dependents include step-children, adopted children, legal dependents and biological children under the age of 26 and dependent partners of the employee.

(B) Retired staff include those who have obtained the status of “distinguished” retirees under CWUP 2-30-030 or faculty “emeritus” status under the Academic Code.

(C) The eligible dependent or retired staff member must be accepted as a student.

(D) Education benefits for staff is found in CWUP 2-30-050.

(2) Registration Procedure

(A) The staff person will request the use of this benefit by notifying the human resources department of such a request on the form identified. Once human resources receive the appropriate information they will forward notice to the Financial Aid office. All university registration procedures must be complied with. Dependents must meet all admissions criteria, file a Free FInancial Aid for Students Application (FAFSA), and maintain satisfactory academic progress and a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

(3) Tuition

(A) CWU will waive up to 50% of the tuition only, excludes housing, books and other student fees, for eligible dependents and retired staff. This waiver will be the first waiver to be considered.

(B) The waiver of tuition may be used for up to twelve quarters in a five year period.

Contact HR with any questions about this procedure and/or its related policy.

[BOT: 03/30/2011; 11/2/2011; 03/02/2012; Responsibility: BFA; Authority: Cabinet/UPAC; Reviewed/Endorsed by: Cabinet/UPAC: 02/11/2015; 04/06/2016; Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]





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