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CWUR 1-60-040 Honorary Naming of Buildings and Other Major Memorials

Authority: CWUP 2-10-080

(1) Proposals for a university naming opportunity are submitted to the naming priorities committee.

(A) The proposals shall include:
1. a brief description of what is being named and the name proposed;
2. a biographical summary of the individual whose name has been forwarded, or in cases in which a name is proposed for an entity other than an individual, a brief profile of the organization, business, or entity;
3. a statement of rationale articulating the distinctive contributions the individual, corporation, foundation, or other entity has made to the university that merits the naming opportunity.

(B) The naming priorities committee conducts a thorough review and solicits input from university units or groups. Given the sensitive nature of these proceedings, most naming proposal deliberations will be kept confidential.

(C) Upon conclusion of its review, the naming priorities committee forward recommendations to the president.

(D) The president makes a determination about the recommendation. Proposed building and college names, will be forwarded to the board of trustees for its consideration and final approval.

(2) Naming Guidelines and Criteria

(A) When a donation is involved.

1. Criteria for naming: The naming priorities committee, the president, and/or the board of trustees will consider a naming opportunity in honor of a donor or a donor’s designee, when a substantial gift is received by the institution or by the CWU foundation from that donor. Donor is defined as the individual, corporation, foundation, or other entity making the donation.

Personal character or organizational integrity, depending upon the nature of the name proposed, will be taken into account during the review process.

Other criteria factored into the determination process:
a. Public service
b. Major contributions to CWU and to the citizens of the state of Washington, both monetary and non-monetary.
c. Visibility to the university community.

2. Substantial Gift Defined: Substantial gift typically is defined as at least 30 percent of the estimated cost:

a. of new construction, remodeling, or renovation;
b. of developing a new program, center, college, or institute; or
c. of replacement of an existing, unnamed facility or landmark that does not require renovation at the time of the gift.

3. Method of Payment: Donations associated with naming proposals can be made by the donor in cash or appreciated property, through legally binding pledges fulfilled within no more than five years, or by the creation of an endowment. Individual donors may gift a portion of their contribution through an irrevocable trust or a contractual bequest mechanism. The president reserves the right to remove a university naming opportunity when pledges remain unpaid beyond the agreed upon period. Should this occur, the president may, if he or she chooses, recommend another naming opportunity to the board of trustees, when applicable, or seek another donation of the magnitude that is deemed substantial.

Donations made through irrevocable deferred gift techniques (including, but not limited to charitable gift annuities, deferred pledge agreements, or wills) shall generally not be accepted in instances when private funds are needed to pay for substantial gifts as defined in this section. A naming opportunity may, however, be accepted for existing, unnamed opportunities not requiring major remodeling or renovation.

4. Clearance Procedures for Gift Acceptance: The board of trustees approves a building naming opportunity upon recommendation from the president and the president approves a naming opportunity upon recommendation by the naming committee. Therefore, approval must be secured prior to the final negotiations of any gift involving a university naming opportunity.

(B) Under unusual circumstances, a donation may not be involved in a naming opportunity. Justification for such a naming opportunity will establish the rationale for the proposal.

Proposals for a university naming opportunity in recognition of former Central Washington University faculty or staff will entertained when the donation requirement under (A) above has been met.

(C) Removal or Change of Name: The naming priorities committee, the president, and/or the board of trustees name its opportunities after individuals and organizations that exemplify the attributes of integrity and civic leadership. Should a donor, for whom a university naming opportunity has been made, violate these standards, the board of trustees or president may elect to remove the donor’s name from the naming opportunity.

In addition, the board of trustees or president may elect to remove a name or change a naming opportunity if recommended by the naming priorities committee and/or the president.

(3) Project Plaques - Project plaques will record names of the university president and Board of Trustees seated when the project is approved for construction and those who were seated when the project is accepted as complete by the Board of Trustees.

[08/03/2011;BOT 03/15/02, Motion 02-18, BOT 06/13/03, Motion 03-38, BOT 10/10/03, PAC 09/05/07; Responsibility: BFA; Authority: Cabinet/UPAC; Reviewed/Endorsed by: Cabinet/UPAC; Review/Effective Date: 11/07/2012; Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]

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