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CWUP 6-60-010 Annual Leave

(1) Each eligible employee shall accrue, for each calendar month of full-time employment with the university, including the month of hire for those hired on or between the first and the fifteenth of the month, 16.67 hours of annual leave for each and every month of continuous employment with the university (25 days per year). Employees who work less than full time, but at least half time, will accrue a pro rata amount.

(2) Annual leave hours shall not accrue during a period of professional leave or leave of absence without pay (including cyclic leave without pay) which exceeds eighty (80) hours in any calendar month.

(3) An employee who transfers without a break in service to the university from a Washington State agency or higher education institution where the employee has been accruing annual leave on a monthly basis may transfer accrued unused annual leave hours not to exceed 30 days (240.00 hours) for use and compensation as covered under this code. An employee who leaves the university and transfers without a break in service to a leave eligible position in a Washington State agency or higher education institution will have any unused annual leave, not to exceed 30 days (240.00 hours) transferred to the receiving agency/institution.

(4) This provision does not include persons appointed to temporary positions of 6 months or less and/or those holding less than half- time exempt positions unless otherwise specified by appointment letter in accordance with CWUP 6-30-010 (Appointment: Terms and Conditions), nor those who have letters of appointment that specify otherwise.

(5) If an employee’s annual leave balance will exceed the maximum accrual of thirty days (240.00 hours) and it is determined that the employee’s request to use annual leave to avoid the excess accrual should be deferred for the convenience of the employing department, the procedure outlined shall be followed.

(6) If no statement of necessity has been filed, annual leave in excess of thirty (30) days shall be accumulated as described in the procedure as an alternative to the provisions of CWUP 6-60-010 (Annual Leave).

(7) Accrued, unused annual leave credits in excess of thirty (30) days, if accumulated initially under the deferral process but without subsequent approvals once each month to maintain the deferral status, shall serve to place the total accrual of leave into the alternative mode with such total accrual governed entirely by the provisions of CWUP 6-60-010(5) (Annual Leave).

(8) Compensation for Unused Annual Leave.

(A) Except for Washington State employment transfer as specified in CWUP 6-60-010 (2) (Annual Leave), when an exempt employee is separated from the university by resignation, layoff, dismissal, retirement, or death, the employee or the employee’s estate is entitled to a lump sum cash payment for all unused annual leave including accrual for the month of separation for those employees terminating on or after the sixteenth of the month, and excluding any excess annual leave accumulated under provisions of CWUP 6-60-010(5) (Annual Leave).

(B) At no time, except for hours of annual leave deferred under the provisions of CWUP 6-60-010 (4) (Annual Leave) shall any exempt employee leaving university employment, or the employee’s estate receive more than (30) days of annual leave cash-out pay.

(C) Accrued annual leave may not be requested to extend the effective date of resignation or retirement unless by mutual benefit to the employee and the university and approved by the appointing authority.

(D) The last day worked is the last day in active pay status and will be considered the effective date of resignation for calculating any such cash payment unless the university schedules the use of annual leave following the last work day (see CWUP 6-40-040 (Resignation or Retirement), CWUP 6-40-010 (Abandonment of Position–Presumption of Resignation), CWUP 6-40-030(3)(Termination or Reduction of Employment, Due to Financial Necessity or Program Discontinuance), CWUP 6-40-070 (Termination for Cause by University).

(E) If an exempt employee is transferred to classified status, his/her earned but unused annual leave shall also be transferred. In the same manner, a classified employee who is transferred to exempt status shall also have earned but unused leave so transferred.

(9) Exempt employees may donate some of their accrued annual leave under the shared leave program.

[EEAGB: 4/7/08; BOT: 6/6/08; BOT: 2/09; BOT: 6/09; BOT: 12/09: Responsibility: CFO/BFA; Authority: President’s Office; Reviewed/Endorsed Cabinet/PAC; Review/Effective Date: 9/5/12; 10/04/17; Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]

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