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CWUP 5-130-050 Graduate Faculty and Graduate Council

(1) Graduate Faculty

The graduate faculty serve as teachers and mentors, as well as active researchers and artists.   Only a regular member of the graduate faculty may serve as chair of a graduate committee.  Under unusual circumstances, and with the written recommendation of a graduate student’s home department or program and the approval of the dean of the SGSR, an associate member of the graduate faculty may serve as co-chair of a student’s graduate committee. The associate member will serve as co-chair along with a regular member of the graduate faculty.

(2) Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is the faculty council that is responsible for proposing policy in an advisory capacity to the SGSR in terms of the academic standards of graduate programs, the curriculum offered by the graduate programs, procedures governing who may be part of the graduate faculty, minimum admission standards for students to the graduate school, and other issues that relate to faculty governance of the graduate programs. 


[Responsibility: Dean Graduate Studies; Authority: Provost/VP for Academic & Student Life; Reviewed/Endorsed by: Provost’s Council 02/18/2020; Cabinet; Review/Effective Date: 06/17/2020; Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]

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