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CWUP 5-130-030 Funding Opportunities for Prospective and Current Graduate Students

(1) Assistantships

The university offers a number of assistantships during the academic year to beginning and continuing graduate students. Graduate assistantships are available in each graduate program. Typically graduate assistants teach, serve as research assistants, and/or perform university service functions.

(A) To qualify for an assistantship, applicants must:

1. be fully admitted to a master’s degree program and be registered for at least 10 credits (of these, at least 5 credits must be numbered 501 or higher unless an approved Course of Study form has been completed at the commencement of the contract period

2. be recommended for the position by the department where the appointee would be assigned; and

3. demonstrate a high level of professional and academic promise.

a. The priority deadline for an assistantship application is February 1.

b. Full-time assistantships require an average of 20 hours of service per week and enrollment in at least 10, but not more than 14, credit hours per quarter, and a minimum grade point average of 3.0 each quarter. All graduate assistantship appointments are made with a formal written contract letter from the dean of the SGSR.

c. Specific information concerning waiver authority for assistantships is located at CWUP 2-20-090.11.B.

(2) Waiver of Tuition and Fees for Graduate Students

(A) Per CWUR 2-20-090 the university is authorized to award tuition and state mandated fee waivers within fiscal and legislative limitations. Waivers are given in accordance with either: (1) standards established by the university, or (2) directives of the state legislature. This policy is established for the purpose of directing the actions of university officials in awarding waivers.

(B) CWUR 2-20-090 provides specifics of tuition waivers and fees relevant to graduate students under the categories including but not limited to:

1. Need-based tuition waivers

2. New graduate student merit awards

3. College/departmental awards

4. Non-resident graduate waivers

5. International student waivers

(3) Grants and Awards for Graduate Students

The graduate school provides competitive award programs to help graduate students with research and creative activities.  Items funded include but are not limited to supplies, equipment, and non-retroactive travel designed to assist students with completing their culminating experience. Awards also provide a stipend paid during the summer to assist students in their research for their culminating experience.

(4) Graduate Student Travel Award Program

Funding for reimbursement of travel expenses is available for graduate students who are presenting research or creative work from September 1 through June 30 each academic year. Students who are co-presenting the same research or creative work at the same venue with another CWU graduate student(s) must split the award equally between all co-presenters who apply for funding.

(5) Additional Financial Aid

Financial aid, including scholarships specific to graduate students, is available through the university from federal and state funds for students demonstrating financial need. Applications for financial aid are obtained from the Office of Financial Aid.

[Responsibility: Dean Graduate Studies; Authority: Provost/VP for Academic & Student Life; Reviewed/Endorsed by: Provost’s Council 02/18/2020; Cabinet; Review/Effective Date: 06/17/2020; Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]

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