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CWUP 2-40-180 Smoking in Public Places

CWUP 2-40-180 Smoking in Public Places or Places of Employment

1. Compliance

(A) Central Washington University complies with RCW 70.160.020, 70.160.011 and 70.160.030 which prohibit smoking in public places or places of employment. The policy is enforced on campus or on any off-campus site for which the university is directly responsible or for which it is legally accountable except in designated areas, including any off-campus site which has been leased or rented.

(B) In addition to those areas designated as non-smoking under RCW 70.160.020, the east and west patios of the student union and recreation center are designated as non-smoking.

(C) Supervisors are responsible for instructing staff responsible for any off-campus site in the intent of the law and assist in every reasonable way in carrying out the university's responsibility regarding such off-campus sites.

2. Designated Smoking Areas

(A) The president may designate smoking areas provided that such designation is permissible under the law.  The university is not required to incur any expense or make structural or other physical modifications to provide designated smoking areas.  No public place under the control of the university may be designated as a smoking area in its entirety.

(B) Each vice president (or equivalent) may recommend possible designated smoking areas to the president.  All due consideration of allowances and limitations contained within the law shall be made. The list of areas recommended to be "designated areas" shall be approved by the president.  The list of approved "designated areas" shall be examined and evaluated at appropriate intervals for continuing validity and utility.

(C) The university will post signs prohibiting or permitting smoking as appropriate. The boundary between a smoking area and a nonsmoking area shall be clearly designated so that persons may differentiate between the two areas. The facilities maintenance and operations department is responsible for the procurement, posting, and maintenance of appropriate signs as required by law.

[PAC: 9/25/85, 06/06/2012; Reviewed/Endorsed by: Cabinet/UPAC; Review/Effective Date: 09/23/14; Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]



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