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CWUP 2-40-170 Security for Public and Special Events

(1) Event Security – The chief of University Police and Public Safety bears responsibility for security at all public and special events.  He will discuss and plan the security needs for any such events with the sponsor(s) of such events, but he may not surrender his responsibility.


(2) Need for Security – Sponsors of events expected to generate crowds of 100 persons or more, or any event requiring unusual security must initiate discussion with the chief of university police and public safety concerning security for the anticipated event no fewer than ten (10) days in advance to allow for appropriate planning.  Any charges for extra security expenses will be billed to the sponsoring organization.


The nature of the event may, at the discretion of the chief or designee, permit the assignment of on duty campus safety officers at no extra charge.


Events requiring unusual security arrangements are defined as those events requiring security arrangements beyond the capacity of the regular on-duty university police officers to handle adequately, in the judgment of the chief or designee.


(3) Security Personnel – The chief or designee of public safety and police services may, for public and special events, assign student security personnel, police officers, Ellensburg City Police, Ellensburg Police Department Auxiliary, Kittitas County Deputies, Kittitas County Auxiliary, or any combination of the above, by agreement with the sponsors.


(4) Pay Rate – Those additional security personnel assigned from off-duty status will be paid at the following rates:


1. University Police Officers at time and one half;


2. Ellensburg Police Department, Ellensburg Police Department Auxiliary, Kittitas County Sherriff's Office, Kittitas County Sherriff's Office Auxiliary at the prevailing rate;


3. Set at prevailing student rate, minimum charge will be for two hours.


(5) Further Provisions – In some events plain clothes officers may be used.  There will always be some form of direct, immediate communication between the security personnel at the scene and uniformed officers.


(6) Supervision – Police and security personnel employed by the chief of University Police and Public Safety will answer only to the supervisor designated by the chief or designee.  The senior officer present at the event on campus will be assigned as supervisor.  They will not normally be assigned or permitted to perform non-security or non-safety tasks.


(7) Termination of Events – If circumstances and conditions at any public event make it appear that the safety of persons or property is in imminent danger, the officer assigned as supervisor will so notify the university to make necessary changes or corrections, and if action by security personnel is ineffective or inadvisable, the senior officer will then notify and confer with the chief or designee, if possible, or the next available superior.


If circumstances and conditions place persons or property in imminent danger, continue or increase in severity, and no other remedy becomes apparent, the event will be terminated by order to the chief or designee or the next available university official superior of the senior university police and public safety officer assigned to the event.


The event will be terminated only when it appears that no other means is available to reduce or eliminate the danger to safety of persons or property and when it appears that by terminating the event such danger can be obviated.


Before terminating the event, the official ordering the termination will notify the university sponsor or manager or representative of same, in person if possible, of intention to terminate the event.


[Responsibility: VP of Operations; Authority: Cabinet/UPAC; Reviewed/Endorsed by: Cabinet/UPAC; Review/Effective Date: 09/1992; 08/23/2019; Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]

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