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CWUP 2-10-035 Enterprise Communications

(1) General purpose, intent, and definitions

(A) Enterprise communication in the form of institutional signage, permanent and temporary, is an important component of Central Washington University. The purpose of this policy is to establish consistent signage practices in order to provide clear information to members of the campus community and visitors.

(B) The intent of the provision contained in this policy is to provide standards and minimum requirements in order to evaluate and regulate signage constructed, installed and displayed on university property.

(C) Enterprise communication means any identification, description, illustration, or device which is visible from any public place or is exposed to the public and which directs attention to a product, message, service, place, person, entity, institution, event, business use or cause. For the purpose of this policy, this includes banners, permanent signs that are attached to buildings, structures or landscape features; freestanding monuments, permanent plaques or marquees, and digital signage (any permanent or semi-permanent electronic display device, interior or exterior, that delivers content in a public space).

Temporary signage and event-related signage or posters is beyond the scope of this policy. For example, athletic event, theatrical production, work of art, or cultural event temporary signage is excluded. Scoreboards and set pieces are also excluded, though digital signs used in a concourse or lobby are not. This policy is not to be construed as applying to signage in non-public spaces, such as classrooms, conference rooms, or individual employees' offices, but does apply to public facing displays in reception areas. The guidelines for posting temporary signs may be found at

(2) Authority

This policy applies to all university offices, auxiliaries, affiliates and related organizations. The Vice President for Operations has delegated oversight of this responsibility to the Enterprise Communication Committee (ECC), a sub-committee of the Enterprise Facilities Committee. ECC membership includes representatives of Public Affairs, Purchasing, Publicity Center, Information Services, Police and Parking Services, and Facilities Management. Enterprise communications is also governed by CWU Policy 2-10-030, Communication and Identity Plan, which established brand identity standards regardless of media platform.

(3) Requirements

Any enterprise communication erected on Central Washington University property or installed, affixed or otherwise attached to any building, structure or landscape feature must meet the design standards of the university as set by the ECC. This signage must be approved by the ECC and the President (or designee) and be installed by or under the supervision of Facilities Management. Parking and traffic signs shall conform to standards required by law and shall be installed by or under the supervision of Facilities Management.

(4) Commercial Advertising

(A) All permanent signage pertaining to commercial solicitation or sales by an external vendor must be approved by the ECC.

(B) All temporary signage pertaining to commercial solicitation or sales by an external vendor must be approved by the Public Affairs office.

(C) External advertising requires a university contract approved through the standard university process to ensure that proposed advertising does not conflict with existing contractual obligations or university standards. Ultimate responsibility for content posted to digital signs lies at the department head level, not necessarily with the employee who posts content and manages the signs.

(5) Procedure CWUR 7-10-035 Enterprise Communication

[Responsibility: Facilities Management Department; Authority: Vice President for Operations; Reviewed/Endorsed by:  UPAC 10/07/2015; Updated: review/Effective Date:  10-07-2015; Approved by:  James L. Gaudino, President]

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