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Cultural and Environmental Resource Management

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Dr. Patrick McCutcheon
Phone: 509-963-2075

Megan Walsh
Phone: 509-963-3699


Amason, J. Hope (Program Faculty,  Anthropology)
Research interests: Political economy and globalization, politics of representation, race, class, and gender, museums, memorials, and heritage sites, tourism studies; Appalachia, US South.
Arango, Clay (Program Faculty, Biological Sciences)
Research interests: Stream ecology; Forest-stream connectivity; Human role in stream nutrient cycling

Bowen, John (Program Faculty, Geography) 
Research interests: Human geography; Economic development; Air transportation; Global production networks; Quantitative methods; Southeast Asia

Delgado, Elvin (Affiliate Faculty, Geography)
Research interests: Energy and Capitalism, Political Economy and Nature, Critical Resource Geography and Political Ecology

Hackenberger, Steven (Program Faculty, Anthropology) 
Research interests: Archaeology; Paleoecology; Cultural resource management; CWU NAGPRA, National Park Service Kennewick studies; Archaeological repositories; Museum education; Columbia Plateau; Eastern Caribbean Islands


Henebry-DeLeon, Lourdes (Affiliate Faculty, Anthropology) 
Research interests: Forensic Anthropology; NAGPRA

Hickey, Robert (Program Faculty, Geography) 
Research interests: GIS; Remote Sensing; Environmental analysis; Economic Geology; Australia

Jastremski, Nicole (Program Faculty, Anthropology)
Research interests: Biological anthropology, Forensic anthropology, Bioarchaeology, Mortuary analysis, Paleopathology, Taphonomy, Identity formation, Ecuador

Lillquist, Karl (Program Faculty, Geography) 
Research interests: Geomorphology; Soils; Watersheds; Arid Environments; Mountain Environments; Environmental Change; Western North America

Lipton, Jennifer (Program Faculty, Geography) 
Research interests: Cultural and political ecology; Landscape ecology; Geospatial techniques; conservation; Climate change; Mountain environments; Latin America

Lubinski, Patrick (Program Faculty, Anthropology) 
Research interests: Archaeology; Zooarchaeology; CRM; Hunting strategies; Mammalian and fish biogeography; Mammoths; Washington state; Rocky Mountains

MacInnes, Bre (Affiliate Faculty, Geological Sciences)
Research interests: Depositional stratigraphy, environments, and processes; coastal landforms; grain-size analysis

McCutcheon, Patrick (Co-Director, Program Faculty, Anthropology) 
Research interests: Archaeology; Geoarchaeology; CRM; Cultural and natural resource management in Mount Rainier National Park; Archaeological inventory on Saddle Mountains BLM lands; Mississippi River Valley

McMullin-Messier, Pamela (Program Faculty, Sociology)
Research interests: Demography, Collective Action, Environmental Justice, Hazards, and Gender

Picture of Michael Pease.

Pease, Michael (Program Faculty, Geography)
Research interests: Water resource management; Resource allocations; Environmental policy

Picture of Lene Pedersen.

Pedersen, Lene (Program Faculty, Anthropology) 
Research interests: Cultural anthropology: Symbolic, ecological and visual anthropology; Role of traditional institutions in a globalizing world; Resource management; Indigenous rights; Gender

Quinn, Sterling (Program Faculty, Geography)
Research interests: GIS; Critical cartography; Geographies of information production; Latin America
Rentería-Valencia, Rodrigo (Program Faculty, Anthropology)
Research interests: Cultural anthropology; Ecological and environmental anthropology; Indigenous studies; Semiotics; Political ecology; Human geography; Community, Neoliberalism and conservation; Nonhuman and multispecies studies; Mexico and the Greater Southwest

Picture of Craig Revels.

Revels, Craig (Program Faculty, Geography) 
Research interests: Cultural geography; Historical geography; Cultural and environmental impacts of resource extraction and production; Latin America, American West

Picture of Lori Sheeran.

Sheeran, Lori (Affiliate Faculty, Anthropology) 
Research interests: Biological anthropology; Primate ecology; Interdisciplinary research in Yellow Mountains World Heritage Site China (with Psychology and Biology)

Sipic, Toni (Program Faculty, Economics)
Research interests: Environmental economics; Political economy; Industrial organization

Picture of Megan Walsh.

Walsh, Megan (Co-Director, Program Faculty, Geography) 
Research interests: Biogeography; Paleoecology; Fire history of the Pacific Northwest; Past human-environment interactions; Climate change; Oregon; Washington; Mexico; Belize

Picture of Charles Wassell.

Wassell, Charles (Affiliate Faculty, Economics) 
Research interests: Economics; Mathematical modeling of economic issues with policy implications


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