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Research and Sponsored Programs

Grant & Contract Proposal Submission Guidelines

To ensure timely review and processing of proposal submissions to external funding agencies, Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) requests that you adhere to the following guidelines. All proposals must be reviewed and submitted by RSP to ensure they comply with funder guidelines and CWU policies.  

Step 1: Notify RSP as soon as possible if you are thinking of submitting a proposal. RSP staff have a number of proposals to handle, so the earlier they are aware of your proposal the better.

Step 2: Submit the completed, signed pre-proposal approval form (including a project summary and draft budget) to RSP at least two weeks prior to the submission deadline.

Step 3: Submit the complete proposal package to RSP—including all components of the proposal— at least five business days prior to the submission deadline in order to ensure timely review and submission. It is difficult to accommodate last-minute submissions, so a proposal submitted to RSP less than five business days before the deadline runs the risk of non-submission.

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