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Biology, Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Office of the Registrar
Bouillon Hall 140
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Program Description

Biology is the scientific study of organisms and their life processes. It is a broad field that includes organismal structure and function, evolution, and interactions and distribution of organisms in all levels of life, and has applications in areas ranging from medicine to climate change. All students will learn core concepts of ecology and evolution, molecular and cellular biology, plant and organismal biology, and genetics.

Likely Career Paths

Science teacher, laboratory research scientist, field biologist/ecologist, conservationist/ environmental resource manager, medical professional (doctor, dentist, physician assistant, physical therapist, veterinarian, pharmacist, etc.), animal scientist, botanist/plant scientist, medical laboratory scientist, microbiologist, bioinformatics analyst.

Key Considerations

Course Planning

1st and 2nd Year Courses or Areas of Study
CWU Course # CWU Course Name Transfer Course #
MATH 153 Precalculus I MATH& 141
MATH 154 Precalculus II MATH& 142
CHEM 181 + CHEM 181 lab General Chemistry I CHEM& 161
CHEM 182 + CHEM 182 lab General Chemistry II CHEM& 162
CHEM 183 + CHEM 183 lab General Chemistry III CHEM& 163
BIOL 181 Biology I Majors Ecology/Evolutionary Biology BIOL& 221 or TES
BIOL 182 Biology II Majors Cell/Molecular Biology BIOL& 222 or TES
BIOL 183 Biology III Majors Organismal Physiology BIOL& 223 or TES

The Transfer Equivalency Site (TES) provides CWU equivalencies for courses at other colleges and universities.

Advising Notes

  • We recommend students pursue and earn an AA-DTA.
  • Any Washington state DTA (Direct Transfer Agreement) degree will satisfy all general education requirements.
  • Students transferring with an AS-T (Associate in Science-Transfer) will need to take additional coursework to fulfill CWU general education requirements.
  • Major requirements may change over time; students will be expected to meet the catalog requirements in place at the time they are admitted to the major. Current catalog:

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