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Accounting, Bachelor of Science (BS)

Office of the Registrar
Bouillon Hall 140
Phone: (509) 963-3001
Fax: (509) 963-1230

Program Description

Accounting is how your business records, organizes, and understands its financial information. Accounting tells you whether or not you’re making a profit, what your cash flow is, what the current value of your company’s assets and liabilities is, and which parts of your business are actually making money. The BS in Accounting is designed for students who will begin their career with business, government or not-for-profit organizations. Graduates with the BS and appropriate electives are prepared to sit for professional exams such as Certified Management Accounting (CMA), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM), and Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Likely Career Paths

Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Financial Accounting, External or Internal Auditing, Cost Accounting, Tax Planning, Risk Management Consulting, Budget Analysis

Key Considerations

  • Cost: University-wide costs (
  • Location: Ellensburg, CWU-Des Moines, CWU-Lynnwood, and CWU-Online
  • Students seeking admission to CWU- Des Moines or Lynnwood: We admit students each fall term for the Accounting Cohort. This program location requires students have an Associates of Business- DTA or equivalent educational experience.
  • Primary contact: 509-963-2930 | |

Course Planning

1st and 2nd Year Courses or Areas of Study
CWU Course # CWU Course Name Transfer Course #
ACCT 251 Financial Accounting ACCT& 201 and ACCT& 202
ACCT 252 Managerial Accounting ACCT& 203
ECON 201 Principles of Economics- Micro ECON& 201
ECON 202 Principles of Economics- Macro ECON& 202
BUS 241 Legal Environment of Business BUS& 201
BUS 221/MATH 211 Intro Business Statistics MATH& 146
MATH 153 Pre-Calculus I MATH& 141
ECON 130 or other approved math Foundations of Business Analytics MATH& 148 (other math courses may be approved, please email with questions)

Other options may be available, we recommend viewing the Transfer Equivalency Site (TES) for other acceptable equivalences or contacting us.

Advising Notes

  • We recommend students pursue and earn an Associate in Business- DTA/MRP.  However, any WA state DTA (Direct Transfer Agreement) degree will satisfy CWU General Education requirements. 
  • Students need to earn a 2.0 minimum grade for ACCT& 201, 202, 203 and a 1.7 minimum in ECON& 201, 202, BUS& 201, MATH& 146, MATH& 141, and MATH& 148.
  • Major requirements may change over time; students will be expected to meet the catalog requirements in place at the time they are admitted to the major. Current catalog:

Other Resources

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