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There are two registration methods available for CWU students to enroll in courses:

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For information about the waitlist policy and how to join a waitlist, visit our Class Waitlist page.

2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog Information

First-Year Experience: 184 Course Descriptions | General Education Program

Enrollment Information

  • Course Overload (18+ credits)

    Obtaining Approval to Take Over 18 Credits:

    • Undergraduate students wishing to enroll in more than 18 credits, need to obtain credit overload approval. Students enrolling in 19-20 credits will need consent from their major advisor and department chair. Students wishing to enroll in more than 20 credits will also need to obtain approval from their college dean. Undeclared majors should consult their academic advisor for credit overload approval.
    • Graduate Students need approval to take over 16 credits
    • Credits over 18 are billed at the overload tuition rate. See the Tuition & Fees page for details.
  • Repeat Policy

    MOST courses are NOT designated as repeatable may be repeated only under the following conditions:

    • Students may attempt the course a second time without consent.
    • Students attempting to take the same course a third time may do so only with permission of the instructor and department chair. Repeating are course four or more times also requires approval from the College Dean.
    • Unless designated as repeatable, courses may not be taken more than three times without the permission of the instructor, department chair and college dean or associate dean.
    • Credit will be awarded only once, and only the most recent grade earned will be used in the computation of the term, cumulative, and plan grade point averages. This includes transferable courses that have been repeated.
    • All grades will remain in the student’s official records but will be noted with the appropriate repeat codes.
    • Some courses can be repeated for credit. Courses designated as repeatable will typically have a maximum number of allowed credits. When planning enrollment in a repeatable course, students should take care not to exceed the maximum amount of allowable credit.
    • Full tuition is assessed for all repeated courses.
    • Students will be notified via CWU email if they are repeating a course.
    • DO NOT repeat 184 courses under any subject area.
  • Enrollment Override Request

    How to Request Overrides for Enrollment:

    Instructor signature is required on the Schedule Change Form to enroll in courses that:

    • Are filled to capacity (Closed Class)
    • Require departmental or instructor consent (Permission)
    • Create a time conflict with another course (Time Conflict)
    • Require overrides for prerequisites or co-requisites (Requisites)
    • Require a reserve override (Closed Class)
      • Certain courses give priority enrollment to defined groups of students; this can be based on major, minor, and/or service campus. For all other students, enrollment for these courses typically opens on the Open Enrollment Date on the Academic Calendar or after reserves have been met.
  • No-Shows
    • It is the student’s responsibility to drop unwanted course work prior to the change of schedule deadline.
    • On the third day of instruction, instructors may drop enrolled students if they have not attended or logged participation.
    • If non-attendance/participation is reported before the change of schedule deadline, the student will be dropped from the course.
    • If non-attendance/participation is reported after the change of schedule period, then a No Show (NS) grade will be recorded to the student’s record and the student will be financially responsible for the enrollment.
    • No-show grades may have financial aid implications, but do not impact GPA.
  • Withdrawal
    • Uncontested, Hardship, and Complete Term Withdrawals do not impact GPA or Academic Standing.
    • Only a Complete Term Withdrawal (all classes) will grant tuition reduction if requested no later than 30 calendar days from the beginning of the term.
      • Alternative deadlines apply to summer session. All other withdrawals do not grant tuition reduction.
    • All withdrawals may impact current and/or future Financial Aid Eligibility.
    • If you are an aid recipient, contact Financial Aid via email or by calling (509) 963-1611 before withdrawing.
    • If you are an International Student or Student Athlete, you must contact your advisor for approval. Students receiving veteran’s benefits must contact the Veterans Center for approval.
    • For term specific dates and deadlines, please refer to the Academic Calendar.

    For more information, refer to the Withdrawal Policies in the Catalog.

Academic Requirements

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