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Phone: (509) 963-3001
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What is My Scheduler?

My Scheduler empowers you to easily find the perfect class schedule that balances with your lifestyle.

  • Quickly choose and select courses for your major plan
  • Build a better plan with early guidance
  • Avoid delays with alerts for potential issues such as a course not typically offered in the planned term or a later-than-expected completion with the current plan
  • Save time with auto-generated and optimized schedules
  • Easily see all available schedules for a term based on your plan, breaks, and preferences
  • Compare schedule options based on all sections offered to find the best fit for life and logistics

My Scheduler is a student success product that helps CWU harness the power of our students to improve outcomes. CWU can better coordinate student success strategies, deliver proactive collaborative care, holistic advising, and quickly measure what’s working for whom. Students can measurably improve enrollment, persistence, and graduation outcomes by using My Scheduler.

How to Use My Scheduler

My Scheduler can be navigated through your myCWU account. Follow these navigation steps to Add Classes through:

My Scheduler

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