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Resources for CWU Faculty and Staff


Academic Scheduling

Academic Scheduling coordinates the scheduling for courses and other related academic events. These resources are for CWU departments.

See Academic Scheduling for more information. 

Modality Description

Click Here for Instructional Modalities for Fall 2020:

Managing Class Enrollment

See Manage Enrollment for help with managing your class enrollement. 

Fall Building Hours

To see fall 2020 building hours or operation please click here

Grading Policies and Regulations 

To access the grading policies in the CWU catalog, go to the Grading Policy.

Faculty Grade Entry Guide 

For step by step instructions of Grade Entry. (PDF) Click Here .

Understanding Your Class Waitlists

The waitlist allows students the opportunity to potentially enroll in sections which have reached their enrollment capacity.

    • How Students Get on Waitlists
      • The student gets placed on the waitlist at the time he/she attempts to enroll in a course section that is full, by checking the "OK to Wait List" checkbox that displays
      •  The class schedule will display “Waitlist” status/student’s position on waitlist
      •  If the waitlist is full, "OK to Wait List" checkbox will not appear
      • The wait list process runs nightly from early registration to the end of the second day of classes 
      • Students on a wait list will be enrolled on a first-on/first-off basis.
      • If space is available, the first student will automatically be enrolled overnight and  receive an e-mail to their CWU email address notifying them of the change. 
    • Other Waitlist Facts
      • Student eligibility/course registration eligibility rules, such as prerequisites, time conflicts, etc., are always enforced.
      • Students can waitlist multiple sections of the same course, but once the student is enrolled into an available section, they will automatically be dropped from waitlists for the other sections. Exception:  for courses that are repeatable for credit in the same term.
      • If a lecture course has a zero credit lab, students cannot wait list the same lecture section or the same lab section more than once. Example: A student may not wait list BIOL 181-01 lecture with more than one BIOL 181 lab section.
      • Students must be enrolled or wait listed in both lecture and lab sections if they are required.
      • Faculty may override a waitlist at any time and enroll the student with a change of schedule form.

    Tuition Exemption Requests 

    See CWU and State Employee Tuition Exemption Request (PDF) page for information

    FERPA Information and Resources 

    FERPA & Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) March 2020

    The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (PDF) page for information. 

    Registrar Services FERPA PowerPoint Presentation PDF. Please Click here to view this important information.  


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