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About Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training provides guidance and assistance in individual, small group, and team environments. Workouts can be tailored to your specific needs and goals. Our staff provides motivation, education, support, and guidance for healthy lifestyle choices to people of all ages and fitness levels. Below is a brief explanation of the different types of personal training. One-on-One, Partner, and Small Group Training sessions are scheduled by the trainer and client(s) at a time that works best. A free 30-minute consultation is required prior to purchasing a package. Contact to schedule your free consultation.

Personal Training Group Sizes: 1-on-1 Personal Training (1 person), Partner Training (2 people), Small Group Training (3-6 people), Large Group Training (8-12 people)

1-on-1 or Partner Training
Work individually with a trainer or with a workout buddy to achieve the most customized fitness program. 

Small Group Training (Group of 3-6)
Tailored to your specific goals, you won't necessarily be doing the same workout as others in your group. Train twice a week at a time coordinated with your groups' schedule. Purchase a Small Group Training package and receive a FREE Large Group Training package. 

Click HERE to see our current Small Group Training Schedule!

Large Group Training (Group of 8-12)A total body high-intensity workout, this programming is primarily designed to help you build cardiorespiratory fitness while strengthening your muscles.  Train twice a week at any of our scheduled classes. 

Click HERE to see our current Large Group Training Schedule!




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