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Intramural Announcements

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What's New

  • is now ad free! We hope everyone enjoys a much more user friendly experience.
  • Staggered starts! This year we will be splitting up the each quarter into an A and B season. This will free up facility space and staffing so that we can offer participants better times to play. Additionally, participants who wish to play on multiple teams will have a greater ability to do so as there will be less schedule conflicts. 
  • Elite leagues! Each quarter we will offer one sport league where we will track stats throughout the season for each one of your games. This means you will be able to see where you rank against your peers in categories like points scored, assists, blocks, etc. Fall will feature Elite Flag Football, Winter: Elite Basketball, and Spring: Elite Outdoor Soccer.

Intramurals Deadlines

Fall Intramural Sport registration opens for both season A & B on September 17th at 8am.

Registration will close for both season A & B on October 3rd at 11:59pm. 

Intramural Registration

This is your chance to register for all Intramural leagues on All sports and leagues offered can be found by following the link. All teams must be completely registered by 11:59 p.m. Click here to find out how to register.


Intramural Teams

Teams are not complete until they are created on IMLeagues and the team roster meets the minimum number of players requirement!! Teams not meeting the minimum number of players will be held on the waitlist and not moved into the league until the requirement is met. 

Scheduling requests can be made once the schedule has been posted (typically will occur the day after registration closes). The earlier that requests are made, the more likely it is that they will be completed. 


Intramural Free Agent

Don't have a team?? Create your account on IMLeagues and follow the free agent instructions.


If you have any questions about any upcoming events, please contact or (509) 963-3511.


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