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Internships & Practicums


University Recreation prides itself on offering a variety of different internships.

All internships are arranged through Career Services and must be approved by both a faculty advisor and University Recreation employee to go towards class credit. Placements are based on time of the year, staff available, programs offered, and skill set of the individual. University Recreation provides paid and unpaid internships based on the source of funding and nature of internship work.

To apply for a University Recreation Internship:

  1. Register with Career Services
  2. Find an available internship from the list provided below or listed with Career Services.
  3. Meet with a faculty advisor to determine that the internship is appropriate for your education plan.
  4. Submit an application to the internship supervisor with University Recreation for approval.
  5. Develop a Cooperative Education Learning Agreement form with the Internship supervisor.
  6. Receive Faculty Advisor approval and signature and submit all required forms to Career Services.



Practicum learning opportunities are typically arranged with Faculty Advisor approval and occur within many disciplines in Recreation. Practicums can last as few as 40 hours or as many as 120 hours during each quarter.

Students can receive experience in many different disciplines including:

  • Business Administration
  • Marketing and Media
  • Fine Arts (Photography, Videography)
  • Graphic Design
  • Recreation and Tourism
  • Exercise Science
  • Communication
  • Public Relations
  • Web Design

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