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Challenge Course Facilitators

Anne Baker

Major: Film Production

Background: I started working at the Challenge Course the spring quarter of my freshman year at CWU. I enjoy working out at the Challenge Course because each program is different and always has unexpected surprises. The work we do out there and the experiences I’ve gotten from doing the course has lead me to pursue an opportunity to train as a stuntwoman.

Picture of Anne Baker

Chiem Saeteurn

Major: Recreation Tourism Management - Recreation

Background: I like anything outdoorsy, whether that be rock climbing, skiing, hiking, camping, backpacking, kayaking, cycling, fishing, etc. I am also the starting goalie for the CWU Men's Lacrosse as well as the Treasurer. I like long walks on the beach and enjoy learning about new things so I can spew random facts every now and then.

Picture of Chiem Saeteurn

Aubrey Edwards

Major: Aviation

Random Fact: Favorite animal is a sea turtle. I'm super interested in learning weather pheromones and cloud formations.

Background: This is my second year at CWU. I moved to Washington for college after growing up in the same small town for 19 years. I have fallen in love with Wasington and all of its outdoor activities: climbing, hiking/ backpacking, and plan to begin mountaineering this summer and ice climbing next year! This is my first experience working for recreation.

Picture of Aubrey Edwards

Tesla Richardson

Major: Paramedicine

Random Fact: I am left handed and I am the first person in my family to go to a university.

Background: I have two sisters, I was in girl scouts for 13 years, I absolutely love the marvel universe. I have been with recreation staff for one year.

Picture of Tesla Richardson

Joseph Cushing

Major: Clinical Physiology

Background: I have had interests in both the medical field and outdoor/ physical activities pretty much my whole life. After working as an EMT in the greater Seattle area I decided I would rather help people enhance their daily lives in the long term instead of just taking them to an emergency room. I would love to someday work with aspiring athletes to strengthen their performance and help them reach their goals.

Picture of Joseph Cushing

Kyle Legman

Major: Recreational Management and Tourism

Favorite thing to do in Ellensburg: Hiking the Umtanum falls and Manastash Ridge.

Background: I've always enjoyed the outdoors. I like to hike, camp, backpack, horseback ride and now I'm really getting into rock climbing. I like the challenge it presents, finding the right route, how to switch feet and hands and developing my technique. Wherever I go, I always bring my 25lb Pomeranian named Diesel.

Picture of Kyle Legman

Annika Hald

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies and Honors

Background: This is my first quarter working in recreation but I absolutely love it!

Random Fact: I have a twin brother and I lived in Germany for three years.

Picture of Annika Hald

Tonya Jo Morrey

Major: Environmental Science - Geography

Background: I am working towards my dream job of running a non-profit focused on international sustainability. I am passionate about the outdoors and live a fortunate life where I get to play AND work outside. I do not only love to climb; I also love to backpack, raft, and ski.

Hometown: Morrison, Colorado

Picture of Tonya Jo Morrey

Nicole Hazlett

Major: ITAM (Informational Technology Administrative Management)

Background: I currently have my mare Daisy here at college with me. I have been training horse for over 10+ years. I started rock climbing in high school through a rec clas and then continued my climbing when I met Joe Buxton and have climbing indoors and outdoors with him ever since. We go climbing in Leavenworth, Frenchman Coulee and other places.

Favorite Place to climb: Leavenworth

Picture of Nicole Hazlett

Jeffery Stack

Major: Elementary Education, Middle Level Science Education

Background: I am an aspiring science teacher that wants to better break down the barriers between subjects. I am loud, outgoing, charming, overwhelmingly positive, and mildly intelligent. I have not been climbing long, only two years on and off, but I love the sport and the attitudes of those that participate in it. I am excited to be involved in the recreation field, even though this is my first experience working in the field.

Picture of Jeffery Stack


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