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Presidents United to Solve Hunger

What is PUSH?

President's United to Solve Hunger is a national effort to get college and university Presidents to commit to fighting hunger on their campuses. CWU President James Gaudino signed the committment in 2015. Since then, the CWU PUSH chapter has been working to reduce hunger and support CWU students.

Who we are

CWU PUSH efforts are run by a group of dedicated students  and a committee of dedicated faculty and staff.

Our Mission

To connect students and other members of our campus community in need of basic resources with food, shelter, clothing, etc. through our services and our community partners'.

CWU PUSH goals:

  • Provide and advertise specific points of contact (individuals) across campus with whom those in need can connect to gain access to food, clothing, shelter, etc. 
  • Increase campus awareness about the need that exists for basic resources within our community through increased education and outreach.
  • Reduce the level of need within our community.
  • Develop partnerships to collaborate with agencies and service providers within the larger Ellensburg community to provide basic resources to those in need.
  • Develop a referral network that connects those in need with resources within the broader community, such as: F.I.S.H. Food Bank, Clothing Banks, cold weather shelters, and social services.
  •  Provide volunteer opportunities for students, staff, and faculty who wish to assist with the efforts to address hunger, homelessness, and basic needs within our community.

Program Eligibility

PUSH Pantries--Any CWU community member is welcome to utilize the pantries. Check "Campus Resources" for a list of locations.

Wildcats Helping Wildcats--CWU students in need of emergency meal assistance may request funds if they meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • No ready access to money with which to buy food

  • Currently enrolled at CWU

  • Balance in meal plan or Wildcat Bucks of $7.00 or less

  • If having previously requested PUSH funds, less than $3.00 of those funds remain for a combined balance of $10.00 or less on connection card

  • Funds have not already been requested the same day

Right now, students may only request once/month. This is temporary as we determine a new system to make sure our funds do not run out before the year is over.

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