Give to PUSH

Program Eligibility

Students who are experiencing food insecurity and need a hot meal can request funds to be dispersed to their Connection Card. To determine whether you are eligible for these funds, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You are currently enrolled at CWU Main Campus (Ellensburg): this program is not available at satellite campuses.
  2. You have a balance on your meal plan or Wildcat Bucks of $7 or less.
  3. If you have previously requested PUSH funds, you have less than $3 remaining.
  4. You have not already requested funds the same day.

If your request is approved, you will receive $25 (funds may take a few minutes to disperse). You will have 5 days to use these funds, after which any remaining funds will be returned to the main fund. Students may submit 2 requests each quarter, no questions asked. After your second request, you will be asked to connect with a CWU Case Manager, who can help determine whether you are eligible for additional long-term resources such as SNAP (formerly known as Food Stamps), WIC (Women with Infants or Children), or other services. The Case Manager can approve you for a third request after you meet.

Request Emergency Meal

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are requests limited?

    We want to ensure that resources are being used to assist students in true emergency situations. We cannot provide long-term support to all food-insecure students, and we want to be able to maintain our funds through the year. We limit requests so that we do not run out of funds before the end of the term. Remaining program funds carry over to the next year or are used to stock pantries and support additional PUSH programming.

  • Why do I have to meet with a Case Manager?

    The CWU Case Management team is equipped to connect you to services that can offer long-term support. PUSH does not have the same training or expertise as Case Managers. Our interest is in connecting you with the tools that will ensure your academic success. If you do not wish to contact a Case Manager, there are other resources available in the community.

  • Where does the money come from?

    PUSH funding comes from three primary sources: Pantries are stocked with funds from the student club, or funds donated to the PUSH Foundation account. Emergency Meals funds are donated through the Foundation account or by students with money left on their Dining meal plans. Money from state or federal resources are not used to support PUSH programs.

  • Why are pantries sometimes empty?

    The pantries are stocked by student and staff volunteers. PUSH does its best to respond to student need, but can only put the time and resources available into stocking the pantries. If you are in need of additional food or basic need items, visit the Community Resources page to find additional resources.