Give to PUSH

When did CWU begin working with PUSH?

Presidents United to Solve Hunger (PUSH) is a national effort to encourage college and university presidents to commit to fighting hunger. At the urging of faculty, staff, and students CWU President James Gaudino signed the committment in 2015. The CWU PUSH chapter is committed to reducing hunger and resource insecurity on campus.

Our Mission

To connect students and other members of our campus community in need of basic resources with food, shelter, and clothing through our services in collaboration with our community partners.

Our Goals

  • Provide and advertise spaces across campus where students can access food, clothing, hygiene products, and other resources.
  • Develop a network of on- and off-campus organizations that connects students with resources in the community.
  • Provide volunteer opportunities to students, faculty, and staff who wish to assist with PUSH's efforts.
  • Increase campus awareness of the needs that exist for basic resources within our community.
  • Reduce the level of need in our community.