Publicity Center
SURC 272
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Looking for some creative ways to promote your event, service or organization? Please fill out the webform as completely as you can. If you don’t know all the event specifics yet but intend to have it, this is a good way to get it on our planning calendar and potentially have it listed in a resources section in our next Hype publication.

For maximum visibility, your event should be publicized a minimum of two weeks before your event date. For full publicity campaigns, we like to have 4-6 weeks to complete.
We will work to get digital assets to you first; print materials typically will start being distributed two weeks before the event. For full publicity campaigns, we like to have 4-6 weeks to complete before distribution begins.
(include link to join)
Include email and phone number
What is the call to action or takeaway? i.e. sell out tickets, raise awareness, increase registration, reach new audience, launch new program, etc.
Describe what you envision for the event – large, small, interactive, conversational, passive, etc.
Illustration, photo-based, typography, CWU Branded, etc.
Please share relevant links such as artist website/socials, inspiration/ideas. Any other resources/assets can be emailed to
Review descriptions at and select all that apply below.