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Publicity Center


Association of College Unions International (ACUI)
2014:  Second Place, multi-page publication
2012:  First Place, multi-page publication
            Second Place, calendar
            Third Place, full color poster campaign
2007:  Second Place, brochure
            Honorable Mention, multi-page publication

National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA)
2012:  Third Place, Creative Excellence Award

American Advertising Federation (AAF), Central Washington chapter
2013:  Silver Addy, poster campaign
           Silver Addy, integrated campaign (video, poster, sidewalk art)
           Silver Addy, integrated campaign (poster, water bottle)
2011:  Gold Addy, collateral poster
            Gold Addy, collateral brochure
            Silver Addy, poster campaign
2010:  Silver Addy, multi-page brochure/campaign
            Silver Addy, multi-panel brochure
            Silver Addy, public service brochure
            Silver Addy, public service campaign
            Silver Addy, public service poster
2008:  Gold Addy, arts newsletter
            Silver Addy, non-traditional advertising
2007:  Gold Addy, collateral brochure

American Advertising Federation (AAF), Northwest region
2013:  Silver Addy, poster campaign
2008:  Silver Addy, arts newsletter