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Visix, Inc. Expression Awards
2016: First Place, Best Video Design, Mapworks Survey
           Finalist, Best Video Design, ASCWU Open House
           Honorable Mention, Best Video Design, Operation Elf
           Honorable Mention, Best Video Design, Happy Holidays from HYPE
2015: First Place, Best Video Design, ASCWU-BOD Elections campaign
           Finalist, Best Video Design, Mapworks campaign
           Finalist, Best Video Design, SEOI’s campaign
           Finalist, Best Still Design, Wildcat Shop Spring Sale campaign
           Honorable Mention, Best Still Design, Cornhole Tournament event campaign
           Honorable Mention, Best Still Design, Fiddler on the Roof event campaign

Association of College Unions International (ACUI)
2019:  Second Place, environmental graphics
           Third Place, promotional video
2018:  Second Place, calendar
           Second Place, multi-page publication
2017:  First Place, logo and brand identity
2014:  Second Place, multi-page publication
2012:  First Place, multi-page publication
            Second Place, calendar
            Third Place, full color poster campaign
2007:  Second Place, brochure
            Honorable Mention, multi-page publication

National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA)
2012:  Third Place, Creative Excellence Award

American Advertising Federation (AAF), Central Washington chapter
2013:  Silver Addy, poster campaign
            Silver Addy, integrated campaign (video, poster, sidewalk art)
            Silver Addy, integrated campaign (poster, water bottle)
2011:  Gold Addy, collateral poster
            Gold Addy, collateral brochure
            Silver Addy, poster campaign
2010:  Silver Addy, multi-page brochure/campaign
            Silver Addy, multi-panel brochure
            Silver Addy, public service brochure
            Silver Addy, public service campaign
            Silver Addy, public service poster
2008:  Gold Addy, arts newsletter
            Silver Addy, non-traditional advertising
2007:  Gold Addy, collateral brochure

American Advertising Federation (AAF), Northwest region
2013:  Silver Addy, poster campaign
2008:  Silver Addy, arts newsletter

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