Pandemic FAQs and Tips

Mass illness can be caused by disease organisms or by exposure to toxic substances. Exposure can result from skin contact, ingestion of food or water, or breathing airborne substances or organisms.

If you or someone around you becomes ill, especially if the onset is sudden, answer the following questions before contacting help:

  1. Is there more than one person affected?
  2. Alert people in the immediate area and evacuate the area.
  3. Does the illness seem to originate from or be confined to a specific area?
  4. Did those affected engage in similar activity, such as sharing a meal?
  5. If symptoms appear serious or life threatening, such as shortness of breath, uncontrolled vomiting, altered mental status, or unconsciousness call 911 immediately.
  6. Notify the Kittitas County Health Department at (509)-962-7515 if multiple persons exhibit similar symptoms in about the same time period. After hours, contact Kittcom at (509)-925-8534.