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Public Affairs
Phone: 509-963-1221
Barge Hall - Room 402

Getting Started

What to consider when planning a communications project.

1.) What do you want the outcome to be?

More students will enroll? Attendance at an event will increase? Contributions to your scholarship fund will go up? A state rule will change?  If you know what you hope to achieve, then we can answer the next question.

What is the most important thing I want my audience to know?

2.) Whom are you trying to reach?

The more focused your answer the more effective we can be. If you know your audience we can make assumptions about the following:

- Where they get their information: editorial pages of the newspaper or Facebook? Local TV news or the blogosphere?

- What they care about: governmental accountability and efficiency, excitement, or educational content?

- Their style: are you reaching out to rodeo fans or legislators, to 17-year-olds or retired faculty?

3.) When do you need it?

Who doesn't love lots of lead time? We can act quickly, but the more time we have to plan and get your message and your look right, the happier we'll all be.  It's never too early to give us a call and brainstorm.

4.) Do you have a budget?

Don't let the lack of a budget kill a good idea. Bring your ideas here and let us help you figure out a way to get it done.


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