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For all media inquiries, please contact David Leder at or 509-963-1518.

Resources for CWU Content Creators

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the Central Washington University New Website Project content migration process. This page will house many of the resources you will need to successfully prepare your website content for the upcoming launch. As we transition to our new content management system, CascadeCMS, now is an oportune time to refine and refresh your pages. We thank you for your participation in this process and hope that the following resources and examples are helpful to you.

Policy and Governance Information

For detailed updates, please visit our New Website Project Blog which will include regular posts about milestones, upcoming tasks, and answers frequently asked questions related to policy and governance of the new website.

2023 Content Migration Training

Content Migration Training took place in the month of March. If you were unable to attend a training session, the recording is available to watch at your convenience.

Access Audit Packet Information

Questions? Reach out to Web Services on our Teams chat.
Watch the New Website Content Migration training, or Q&A.

Action Items

After taking the content migration training, please review and complete the following tasks with your team.

  • Accessibility Topics

    Within your assigned folders in teams, you will be able to access DubBot excel spreadsheet reports that direct you to accessibility issues on your site pages. Video tutorials on how to access these specific issues via DubBot are also included. Please be sure to address the following:

    • Broken Links: Use report to identify and fix any broken links. Broken Link Tutorial
    • Click Here Links: Please change linked text from ‘click here’ or ‘learn more’ to something more descriptive. For example: “To learn more about our university, read About Us.” Click Here Link Tutorial
    • URL as Live Text Links: As with the click here links, please add descriptive text to your hyperlink to make it clear where the link leads the website user. Live Text Tutorial
    • Missing Alt Tags on Images: Include descriptive alt text on images identified so that screen readers can identify that information. Note, you do not need to include “image of…” in your description. Alt Tag Tutorial
    • Long Page Titles: Page titles should be approximately 68 characters in length. Please be sure to choose a simple, clear page title to stay within the recommended word title limit.
  • URL List

    In preparing for the migration to the new website, it is important that each department and program take a critical look at what content can be archived. Please ask the following questions internally as a team and mark your choices on the URL List excel document within your Teams folder.

    Once you have archived the pages in Drupal that will not be coming to the new website and have made the necessary notes in your spreadsheet within your assigned Teams folder, please notify Web Services that you have completed this step by filling out a Jira Request. Please title your request “Your Site Name URL List Complete.” In the body of the request please include a link to your URL list in your Teams folder.

    As you make decisions about content, please consider the following:

    1. It is a university-wide goal to streamline our online presence. If a page is not necessary, please archive.
    2. Be thoughtful of pages that don’t house much content. Is there a logical place where this content can be combined/merged with another page?
    3. What information is necessary for your site? What is excess and can be trimmed? Reflect and consider website bloat.

    Questions? Please reach out to our Teams Chat!

  • Forms

    Forms you wish to move into the new website platform will need to go through an approval process to ensure compliance with FERPA. You have been provided with a list of forms currently housed on your website within your audit folders. Please review and identify forms that will need to appear on the new website.

    More information will be forthcoming about next steps.

Auditing Process- Due April 30th, 2023

Once you have attended the content migration training, please complete your self-audit checklist. You will have access to your Teams folder for each site you are assigned to that will contain the following:

  • Self Audit Checklist
  • DubBot Accessibility Reports
  • List of Current Forms
  • Complete list of URLs Associated with Site

GatherContent- Due May 31st, 2023

Once you have taken care of the tasks outlined on your Self Audit Checklist and updated your URL list within your Teams folder, please notify Web Services. We will then send you detailed instructions for how to input site content into the GatherContent tool.