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Senior Assessment

PSY 489 Senior Assessment (2 credits) should be taken in a student's last academic quarter.  The class is designed to help prepare the student for their next professional steps. It also allows the Psychology Department to assess student learning in the major and provides information used to improve our programs and courses.

As part of PSY 498 Senior Assessment, psychology majors must complete:

  1. Psychology Major Test.  Students take the Psychology Major Test in PSY 200 Introduction to the Major and PSY 498 Senior Assessment, allowing the Department to compare each student's knowledge gains during their time in the major.
  2. 10 hours of civic engagement or research assistance. Students complete a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer experience in civic engagement and/or as a research assistant for a Psychology Department faculty member or graduate student. The 10-hour requirement must be met sometime after the student is accepted into the psychology major and before completion of PSY 489.

These requirements must be met before completion of PSY 489. Students who do not complete both of these requirements will not receive a passing grade in the class. 


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