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Psychology News Letter (5/12, Vol 3)


The newsletter for psychology majors

Volume 2, Issue 3

May 2012


Upcoming Events

May 7t-June 17

Registration for SUMMER courses.  Check out all the online and in-seat classes available.

May 14–June 7

Registration for FALL 2012 courses. Talk to your advisor before registering!

May 17th

Symposium On University Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE) in the SURC

May 17th

Autism:  Beyond the Labels in Black Hall

May 30th

Central Neuroscience Club’s Symposium on Stress in the SURC Pit.

Finals Week

The annual Department of Psychology Awards Ceremony hosted by Dr. Wendy Williams and our Psi Chi members. Thursday, June 7th in the SURC

June 9-10

Commencement Ceremonies

Support our colleagues presenting at SOURCE 2012 on May 17th.

Oral Presentations

Jordan Caballero. More than just the money: A look at the psychological effects of sexual human trafficking (Mentor: Jason Wallin).

Brandon Chandler. Field dependence-independence and harmonic dictations in music theory students. (Mentor: Dr. Fallshore)

Brittany Martell (Graduate student).  Current trends in behavioral interventions in patients with traumatic brain injury (Mentor: Dr. Greenwald)

Joshua Parker (Graduate student).  Item response theory in psychotherapy assessment (Mentor: Dr. Schwartz)

James Rae. Health-promoting behaviors and well-being of undergraduate Facebook users. (Mentor: Dr. Lonborg)

Alanna Shores. Effects of victim sex on perceptions of intimate partner violence severity in heterosexual relationships. (Mentor: Dr. Fallshore)

Erin Sigel. Verbal overshadowing and humor perception. (Mentor: Dr. Fallshore)

Whitney Stefani (Graduate student).  College womens’ perceptions of music video sexual content (Mentor: Dr. Greenwald)

Poster Presentations

Carinna Lowther.  Analysis of Voice Pitch, Perception of Male Sexual Orientation, and Homonegativity. (Mentor: Dr. Fallshore).

Bradley Campbell and Joshua Parker.   The Effect of Contextual Variables on Gossip Transmission.  (Mentor: Dr. Gabriel).

Samantha Jackle and Cristina Bistricean.  Perceptions of Students with Learning Disabilities on a University Campus.  (Mentor: Dr. Gabriel).

Daniel Ackley, Rosaline Chaffee, Tanner Southland, Adrienne Wall, and Stevi Barrio.  Neuropsychological Origins of the Visual P300 Event-related Potential.  (Mentor: Dr. Greenwald).

Kali Albin.  An Analysis of the Effects of WhyTry on Behavior in Low Socioeconomic Status Early Adolescent Populations.  (Mentor: Dr. Little).

Vanessa Englehart.  Developmental Trajectories of Children Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Hyperlexia.  (Mentor: Dr. Little).

Mehjabeen Khan.  Academic Self-Efficacy, Coping, and Academic Performance in College.  (Mentor: Dr. Marrs).

Heath Marrs, Caitlin Sullivan, Natalie Saria-Wiley, Jacki McIntyre, Mehjabeen Khan, and Andrew Caughie.  Gender and Ethnic Differences in Learning and Study Strategies.

Heath Marrs, Bradley Campbell, Meaghan Golden, Andrew Caughie, and Rachel Liudahl.  Mexican-American Students and Pursuit of the Doctorate.

Andrew Caughie, Meagan Golden, Mehjabeen Khan, Jacki McIntyre, Natalie Sarria-Wiley, and Caitlin Sullivan.  Academic help-seeking at CWU. (Mentor: Dr. Marrs).

Andrew Caughie.  An Analysis of Information Regarding False Confessions with a College Sample.  (Mentor: Dr. Polage).

Charlie Spears.  Lying Words. (Mentor: Dr. Polage).

Jason Stirret.  Attention Restoration: The Effects of Elevated Vibrancy on the Perceived Environment. (Mentor: Dr. Schwartz).

Leeland Durst, Stephanie Stein, and Terry DeVietti.  Differences between Traditional and Electronic Bullying amongst College Students.

The Department of Psychology has one of the highest Departmental participation rates at SOURCE!

Head to the Psychology oral presentations from 10-11:20 and 11:40 to 1:00 or go to our poster presentations from 2-4:30pm.

Important Portfolio Update for Psychology Majors


Portfolio binders are no longer needed!

As of Spring 2012, the psychology department transitioned from a printed senior portfolio to an electronic portfolio. Psychology majors will be required to upload specific assignments and signed rubrics into the Psychology Major Portfolio class through Blackboard. Students who completed PSY 200 prior to Spring 2012 will be given alternative assignments/options in PSY 489, as needed, to fill in the gaps from any missed opportunities to complete the required assignments in their earlier psychology courses. One of the requirements for the new portfolio is 10 hours of service learning experience and/or research assistant experience prior to the completion of PSY 489. Please discuss this requirement with your instructor from PSY 200 or PSY 489 or your major advisor if you have any questions.

Travel & Research Award Recipients from Psychology


The Office of Undergraduate Research offers merit-based awards designed to provide undergraduate students with funds to assist in research or travel to conferences.  This year’s (2011-2012) award winners from psychology:


Brandon Chandler, Alanna Shores, and Erin Sigel – Rocky Mountain Psychological Association.

Alanna Shores and Erin Sigel also received awards to conduct their own research projects.

Leeland Durst and Jason Stirret – McNair Research Conference.

Departmental Happenings

  • Dr. Wendy Williams and Dr. Elizabeth Street are participating in “Autism: Beyond the Labels” hosted by the CWU Center for Disabilities on Thursday, May 17th, 1-4pm in Black Hall, Room 114.
  • On Wednesday, May 30th, at noon in the SURC Pit, the Central Neuroscience Club and the Wellness Center will be holding a public seminar on stress! Moderated by Dr. Ralf Greenwald with speakers Dr. Kara Gabriel and Dr. Kenneth Briggs, topics will range from the physiological underpinnings of stress to ways of keeping stress from impacting studies.
  • Did you see the interview with Dr. Megan Matheson on her research on the first known case of twins in free-ranging Tibetan macaques – check it out at

Faculty and Student Presentations

Congrats to our colleagues


Posters presented at the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association annual convention in Reno, NV in April 2012.

Chandler, B., & Fallshore, M. Field dependence and harmonic dictation scores for music theory students.

Shores, A., & Fallshore, M.  Effects of victim sex on perceptions of intimate partner violence severity in heterosexual relationships.

Sigel, E., & Fallshore, M. Verbal overshadowing and humor perception.

Posters presented at the Western Psychological Association annual convention in San Francisco, CA in April 2012

Campbell, B., Parker, J., Gabriel, K.I., & Lonborg, S. The effect of contextual variables on gossip transmission.

Craig, E., Williams, W., Loverro, I., & Stein, S. Female university student's oral-genital behavior and sexual assertiveness.

Dike, A., Williams, W., Loverro, I., & Stahelski, A. Paraphilias: Behavior, acceptability and the internet.

Durst, L., Stein, S., Scanlon, A, & Schepman, S. Electronic vs. traditional bullying in college students.

Halstrom, L., Williams, W., Loverro, I., & Stein, S. The imposter phenomenon: Personality factors, gender and performance variables.

Little, S., & Little, A. Impact of response to intervention: A survey of school psychologists.

Rae, J., Manweller, M., & Stahelski, A. Severing bonds between voter and incumbent: How population growth increases voter alienation.

Other poster presentations and talks:

Greenwald, R. R. (2012, May).  Exploring the brain’s mysteries: Current topics in brain research.  Talk presented as part of The Fragile Human Brain: Traumatic Brain Injury Lecture Series.  Central Washington University, Ellensburg, Washington.

Greenwald, R. R. (2012, May).  Tending your brain garden: Keeping mentally fit as you age.  Talk presented as part of the Kittitas Valley Coming of Age With Aging Loved Ones Public Lecture Series.

Little, S.  (2012, February).  Identifying gifted and talented students in Title I schools.  Poster presented at the National Association of School Psychologists Annual Convention, Philadelphia, PA. 

Little, S., Rivera, V., Keegan, A.,Hoang, M., Cikaukas, R., Bauer, R., Bostwick, H., & Johanson, K.  (2012, February).  School-University partnerships for RTI field-based experiences. Poster presented at the National Association of School Psychologists Annual Convention, Philadelphia, PA. 

Marrs, H., & Little, S. (2012, February). Implementing RTI in schools: Perceptions of school psychologists. Poster presented at the National Association of School Psychologists Annual Convention, Philadelphia, PA.

Marrs, H., & Ramirez, D. (2012, February). Is there a “boy crisis” in educational achievement? Poster presented at the National Association of School Psychologists Annual Convention, Philadelphia, PA.

Stahelski, A., Schepman, S. & Stein, S. (2012, April). Getting away with genocide.  Poster presented at the National Social Science Association, Las Vegas, NV.

Publications in peer-reviewed journals:

Marrs, H., & Sigler, E. (2012). Male academic performance in college: The possible role of study strategies. Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 13, 227-241.


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