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Focused on data and advanced analytics, Mr. Taber has mentored business people and teams on people, process, and technology/data aspects to help transition groups from ad-hoc reporting environments to using agile approaches for predictive and data-centric solutions. Please join us as Mr. Tabor shares how he implements leading use case-driven solutions by applying his knowledge from hands on experience in industry, consulting, and his educational programs.

Tuesday, November 12, from 3:30-4:30, in Room 466


The psychology department is active in local, state, and national research, service, and teaching.  To get a sense of what we are accomplishing, we publish a regular newsletter. 

Want to find out what happened today in psychology history?  Find out through "Today in the History of Psychology!"

Interested in our new Summer Cohort School Psychology Graduate Program for practicing school professionals and individuals with previously earned master's degrees?  Check it out here.

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