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Psychology Department
Phone: 509-963-2381

Kara Gabriel

Professor of Psychology

Ph.D., Psychology, Univ of British Columbia
M.P.A. (Masters of Professional Accountancy), CWU
M.A., Psychology, Univ of British Columbia
B.A., Psychology and English, Univ of Wisconsin-Madison
Office:  Psychology Building; Room 483
Phone: 509-963-2387; email is the best form of communication

Dr. Kara Gabriel's Curriculum Vitea

Courses typically taught at CWU:

  • PSY 300 - Research Methods in Psychology
  • PSY 476 - Psychopharmacology
  • PSY 478 - Behavioral Neuroscience
  • PRIM 514 - Research Design in Primatology

General areas of interest: General experimental, animal behavior, biopsychology, cognitive biases, academic assessment

Selected works:

  • Greeson, J. L., Gabriel, K. I., Mulcahy, J. B., Hendrickson, B. K., Lonborg, S. D., & Holloway, J. C. (in press). An evaluation of ethograms measuring distinct features of enrichment use by captive chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes). Animals.
  • Rantala, M., Gabriel, K. I., Lipton, J. & Mulcahy, J. B. (in press). Compassion fatigue and satisfaction within sanctuary-based primate husbandry. Society & Animals.
  • Gabriel, K. I., & Montenegro, C. (2021). An animal’s environment influences perceptions of docility and vigor but not aesthetic appeal: A constructive replication. Environment and Behavior, 53(3), 231-251.
  • Krzemieniecki, A., & Gabriel, K. I. (2021). Stigmatization of posttraumatic stress disorder is altered by PTSD knowledge and the precipitating trauma of the sufferer. Journal of Mental Health, 30(4), 447-453.
  • Loeser, M. R., Newkirk, M., Gabriel, K. I., & Huerta, A. D. (2021). Development and assessment of an undergraduate research program at a two-year, rural, Hispanic-serving institution: The essential role of partnerships. Scholarship and Practice of Undergraduate Research, 4(3), 22-29.
  • Green, V. M., & Gabriel, K. I. (2020). Researchers’ ethical concerns regarding habituating wild nonhuman primates and perceived ethical duties to their subjects: Results of an online survey. American Journal of Primatology, e23178.
  • Peecher, D. L., Binder, A. K., & Gabriel, K. I. (2019). Rodent models of mental illness in PCOS: The potential role of HPA dysregulation and lessons for behavioral researchers. Biology of Reproduction, 100(3), 590-600.
  • Pringle, G., McDonald, M.P., & Gabriel, K.I. (2015). Patterns and perceptions of dextromethorphan use in adult members of an online dextromethorphan community.  Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 47(4), 267-275.

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