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College of the Sciences

Kara Gabriel

Professor of Psychology

Ph.D., Psychology, Univ of British Columbia
M.P.A. (Masters of Professional Accountancy), CWU
M.A., Psychology, Univ of British Columbia
B.A., Psychology and English, Univ of Wisconsin-Madison

Office:  Psychology Bldg, Room 483
Phone: (509) 963-2387

Dr. Kara Gabriel's Curriculum Vitea

Courses typically taught at CWU:

  • PSY 300 - Research Methods in Psychology
  • PSY 478 - Behavioral Neuroscience
  • PSY 460 - Cognition

General areas of interest: General experimental, spatial skills, risk-taking, biopsychology

Selected works:

  • Peecher, D.L., Binder, A.K., & Gabriel, K.I. (2019). Rodent models of mental illness in PCOS: The potential role of HPA dysregulation and lessons for behavioral researchers. Biology of Reproduction, 100(3), 590-600.
  • Pringle, G., McDonald, M. P., & Gabriel, K. I. (2015). Patterns and perceptions of dextromethorphan use in adult members of an online dextromethorphan community.  Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 47, 267-275.
  • Pritchard, A. J., Sheeran, L. K., Gabriel, K. I., Li, J-H., & Wagner, R. S. (2014). Behaviors that predict personality components in adult free-ranging Tibetan macaques Macaca thibetana. Current Zoology, 60, 362-372.
  • James, J. R., & Gabriel, K. I. (2012). Student interpreters show encoding and recall differences for information in English and American Sign Language. Translation & Interpreting, 4, 21-37
  • Gabriel, K. I., Rutledge, B., & Barkley, C. L. (2012). Attitudes on animal research predict acceptance of genetic modification technologies by university undergraduates. Society & Animals, 20, 381-400.
  • Felix, M. C., Parker, J. D., Lee, C., & Gabriel, K. I. (2011). Real three-dimensional objects: Effects on mental rotation.  Perceptual and Motor Skills, 113, 38-50.
  • Gabriel, K. I., Hong, S. M., Chandra, M., Lonborg, S. D., & Barkley, C. L. (2011). Gender differences in the effects of acute stress on spatial ability. Sex Roles, 64 (1-2), 81-89.
  • Gabriel, K. I., & Williamson, A. (2010). Framing alters risk-taking behavior on a modified Balloon Analogue Risk Task (BART) in a sex-specific manner.  Psychological Reports, 107, 699-712.

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