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College of the Sciences

Departmental Honors

The eligibility requirements for admission to the psychology department honors program include the following:

Admission requirements:
You must be a Psychology major, at least a junior but not more than a first quarter senior, and have completed all Psychology core courses with a GPA of a least 3.25 in those courses and have an overall cumulative GPA of 3.0. You must apply in writing to the Department Chair, with a supporting letter of recommendation from a member of the Psychology faculty who agrees to supervise your work to completion.

You register for 4-6 credits in PSY 497 (Undergraduate Honors Thesis). In consultations with the supervising faculty member, you choose a three-person faculty committee. Plans for the honors projects, generally an empirical research, must be approved by the entire committee. The project will culminate in a written research report and a formal defense of the thesis.

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