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College of the Sciences

45-credit BA

There are two options for completing a major in psychology. 

  • The 45-credit major requires a student to also complete a minor or a second major in some other subject.  The 45-credit major is intended for students interested in combining a background in psychology with fields such as social work, family studies, business, forensics, primate behavior, and other fields in which training in behavioral science would be useful.
  • The 60-credit major leads to a bachelor’s degree without a minor or second major. It is recommended for students interested in pursuing graduate studies in psychology.

The two majors are very similar.  The 60-credit major includes PSY363: Intermediate Statistics and Research Methods as well as more elective credits.  A psychology advisor can discuss your academic and career goals and help you choose the appropriate major.

Please bring the completed application form to the psychology department secretary in PSY 421.  The office will then assign you an advisor.  A signed form from your advisor is required for program registration. Please contact the department office at 509-963-2381 to make an appointment with an advisor.

Required Courses for 45-credit major (All of the following core courses): 

-- PSY 101 General Psychology
-- PSY 200 Introduction to the Major
-- PSY 300 Research Methods in Psychology
-- PSY 362 Introductory Statistics
-- PSY 489 Senior Assessment

Select at least one course from each of the following 5 groups:

Group I:
-- PSY 301 Learning
-- PSY 303 Analysis of Everyday Behavior
Group II:
-- PSY 310 Multicultural Issues in Psychology
-- PSY 313 Developmental Psychology
-- PSY 346 Social Psychology
Group III:
-- PSY 453 Theories of Personality
-- PSY 445 Clinical, Counseling and Community Psychology
-- PSY 449 Abnormal Psychology
Group IV:
-- PSY 420 Psychology of Language
-- PSY 460 Cognitive Psychology
Group V:
-- PSY 450 Sensation and Perception
-- PSY 478 Behavioral Neuroscience

In addition to the above coursework, the 45-credit major requires 4-7 credits of electives in psychology (may include a maximum of five lower division credits).  In addition to the above classes, other 300 and 400-level psychology classes may be taken as electives.  Not more than 9 hours of PSY 495 may be applied to a 45 credit psychology major.

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