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Security Project

The Security Redesign Project was a resounding success and we effectively completed all critical project deliverables on time. The main effort associated with this project dealt with the implementation and redesign of Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC). With this approach, the University was able to dramatically lower the maintenance and security overhead associated with the upkeep of individual permissions and outdated roles. To that end, the Security Services team removed in excess of 30,000 old user accounts and profiles. They also reduced the number of roles by over 90% and collaborated with all functional groups across campus to ensure our logical access methodology met the business needs of the institution.

The Security Services team has now transition into a new project that will address several other security considerations, such as query access groups, row-level security, and the provisioning of logical access. A new project plan will be posted in the near future."

April 2013 to September 2013 Security Project Plan

Project Sponsor:  Andreas Bohman, AVP  & CISO of Security Services

If you have questions regarding this project, contact iCAT Gene Shoda (

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