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Public Policy
College of the Sciences
Public Policy
Degree Type:
Bachelor of Science
Department Contact:

Craig Revels


Data collection and interpretation play an increasingly important role in crafting laws and regulations that affect our lives. Public Policy is a field guided by technological advances in science and current economic trends.


Students studying public policy gain an understanding of the relationship between how data is collected and interpreted, and how that information is used to make political decisions that have an effect on nearly everything we do.

Why this program?

Depending on your area of emphasis, studying public policy at CWU offers a chance to gain an understanding of such areas as public-private partnerships, international relations, economic policy, environmental law, human rights, energy policies, or public health. It helps prepare students to work in either the public sector, or industry as a liaison to government agencies.


Why public policy at CWU?

The CWU public policy program is an interdisciplinary program built around offerings from a core of participating departments, frequently economics, environmental studies, geography and political science.

Central’s program is an interdisciplinary major and must be combined with another major, typically geography or political science.

Connect with CWU Public Policy

If you're interested in exploring and analyzing the historical legacies as well as the contemporary forces that frame the policy making process, then the public policy major might be just what you're looking for. The Public Policy Program offers students the opportunity to examine these ideas and prepare for careers spanning the field.

Career Opportunities

A degree in public policy can be a doorway to a career in:

Government Agencies

Energy Policy

Non-profit Organizations

Public Administration


Human Rights

Public Health

International Development

Points of Pride

Craig Revels, professor of geology and interim chair of the public policy program, served as president of the Latin American Specialty Group. The organization promotes education, research, and other activities related to Latin American geography.

Public policy students have excellent opportunities for networking through a number of student organizations including the CWU College Republicans, the CWU Feminist Club, and the Public Policy Club.

Central students have served in a wide variety of internships including the American Civil Liberties Union; American Lung Association; Cascade Land Conservancy; Washington State Republican Party; Sound Transit; and Washington State Legislature.

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